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Have you heard of James Arthur Ray? He’s one of the experts featured on “The Secret,” the film (and later book) released several years back that brought the Law of Attraction into the popular mainstream—and generated love-hate debates about it. Ray is currently serving—and appealing—a two-year imprisonment for the negligent deaths of 3 participants in […]

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Second Chances

Recently, I’ve been gifted second chances to reassess what I had previously ruled out in both my professional and personal life. While not all life experiences are destined to have an encore, it seems that some are meant to come around again, after we’ve grown and healed old wounds, our perspective has evolved, and we’ve […]

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Open Heart

In conversational Cantonese, the characters for “happiness” are “open heart.” To say “I want happiness” in Cantonese is literally “I want open heart.” In other words, to be happy is to keep our heart open. Our heart is the energy center for giving and receiving love. So, if happiness is keeping our heart open, then […]

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Be A Light

Are you the sort of person who lights up a room when you walk in, or when you walk out? ~ Robert Holden A few weeks ago, I wrote about a tough evening of tennis partly because of the really strong wind. While we were still warming up for the match, one of my teammates […]

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