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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “authentic” as being “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.” On, synonyms for “authenticity” include “genuineness,” “truth,” “candor,” “openness,” “integrity” and “sincerity.” In other words, to be authentic is to be true to ourselves, to stand in integrity of who we really are with honesty, openness and sincerity. Yet, for […]

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Soul Journey

To find your true work or your true love, your heart must be wide open, vulnerable and fearless. ~Sue Frederick This was the closing sentence to the first chapter of the book, I See Your Soul Mate. When I read that line, I felt prickles throughout my body, as open heart, vulnerability and fearlessness were […]

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scared woman

What is Vulnerability?

Vulnerability has been in the forefront of my consciousness lately. Last week, I read an incredibly powerful post on this subject by Samantha Hall. The power and wisdom from embracing her struggles with vulnerability is truly palpable in that piece. Aside from reading about vulnerability, I’ve been feeling it in real life. Waves of fears […]

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On Being Fearless

“Courage?!” That was the instantaneous response a senior executive gave me recently, when I asked her how she makes difficult decisions—before she launched into a series of logical decision-making steps that consider the marketplace, the competition, strategic priorities, available resources, etc. To me, her first gut response stood head and shoulders above everything else she […]

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