30 Days To Your Best Life

Ready to Live Your Best Life?

Do any of these sentiments describe you?

I don’t know what I want…
Is this all there is to life?
I can’t stand my life, but am scared to even imagine what else is possible…
Can I really do better than what I already have?
I’ve done everything I know to create a life I should love, but I’m miserable…

If so, I know how you feel. Because, until December 30, 2008, all of the above described me. I told myself that, if I had to continue marking time in this life, I might as well be dead! And I almost got my wish!

Except my time wasn’t up, yet. My mission in this life has yet to be fulfilled, which is to help as many as possible get out of the pain and discomfort of an unfulfilling existence, reconnect to their true selves who know clearly what kind of a life they would love.

And that’s why I was guided to create this program for you. It’s a step-by-step process to help you to reconnect to the best you—the authentic you—and live your best life. It’s my heartfelt intention that you clear out the static and noise in your life that has blocked you from claiming your birthright to be happy and fulfilled.

You can begin to live your best life NOW, not when you’re better in some way!
You can embrace who you really are, not who you are expected to be.

Ready to become the BEST YOU and live your BEST LIFE?


♥ How You’ll Benefit ♥

 How would you like to…

garden entrance

♥ Get clear on what you want?
♥ Call in the highest and greatest vision for your life?
♥ Release inner objections you unknowingly hold against stepping into your best life?
♥ See how the detours and times when you feel lost in your life are meant to prepare you to be the best you and live your best life?
♥ Be ready to take inspired action toward becoming the best you and live your best life?

If the above strikes a chord within you…
Then read on…

♥ Testimonials ♥

30 Days To Living Your Best Life IS the program! It was VERY WELL put together. Very organized and I was 100% happy with it!

Alice gives very specific suggestions just for you in each of the weekly calls. As you work the program, you will find out so much about yourself and she also gives you tools to make your Best Life come true!  She breaks things down to bite size pieces that are achievable, even for people like me who do not have a lot of spare time.  She has given me very helpful things to do that take no more than 1 or 2 minutes. Anyone can spare that much time. Loved the class and happy to work the program!

—Renee F.

I really loved doing this program! This is the first time in my life that I have become aware of limiting beliefs buried in my subconscious mind and how they have been making me unhappy. I grew up in a family where negative feelings were not accepted and through this program I learned to accept all my feelings. I also learned to actually think about what I want in my life and have an actual picture of my best life.The thing that I like most about this program is it helped me discover beliefs about myself and there are some great exercises and meditations that helped me with this process.

This program is for anyone who has any kind of physical or emotional pain.  It is also for anyone who wants to explore life and create a great life.

—Aria K.

30 Days to Living Your Best Life enabled me to know & own myself at a much deeper level. When doing the release work, it was kind of shocking to realize how deep that hole was, how much there was. Many blocks have been identified & removed. I’ve gained a lot of clarity about who I am, how I operate in life, and that I’m actually a pretty amazing person. It’s like finding a brand new path of knowing and owning myself. I now have more of my natural energy & power available to progress with my life.

I recommend the program to anyone willing to work on themselves for better results in their lives. Thanks again, the course was great!

—Linda M.

About The Program

In this program, you will spend 30 great days creating your best life! You’ll do something juicy each day that builds on the days before. The sequence of daily practices in this program is designed to pave the way for you to embrace the life you were born to live! No more just marking time in this existence, not knowing what you want or why you’re here! You’ll finish this program feeling inspired and empowered to live your best life!


You may take this program within 24 hours of signing up (see below for details).


What’s in the 30 Days?

The 30 days fall into 6 parts that build on each other, each with 5 days of juicy practices. These 6 parts line up with the 6 weeks in the group coaching program option (see “How can I participate in this program?” below).

♥ Days 1 to 5 (Week 1): Laying The Foundation ♥

Week 1 is all about laying the foundation to become the best you and welcome your best life in 2013. The 5 days in this week will help you begin to get clear on what you want and what’s holding you back.

♥ Days 6 to 10 (Week 2): Receiving The Vision For Your Best Life ♥

The focus of Week 2 is perhaps the juiciest part of this program, i.e., calling in the highest and greatest vision for your best life! The daily practices are designed to help you open up to receiving this vision and having some fun with it to allow it to inspire you.

♥ Days 11 to 15 (Week 3): Releasing Roadblocks Keeping You From Your Best Life ♥

Week 3 is about essential “housecleaning” to clear out inner blocks and objections keeping you from being the best you and living your best life. You’ll be guided to update or release forgotten agreements you unknowingly made with yourself that keep you stuck in an unsatisfying life. Can you imagine how freeing that would be?

The guided visualizations and exercises helped me uncover and release forgotten agreements I made with myself. These agreements do not align with the journey I am on today. Thank you Alice!!Phyllis G.

♥ Days 16 to 20 (Week 4): Making Space For The Vision ♥

Continuing with housecleaning begun in Week 3, Week 4 will be all about making space for your best life through practicing release rituals, forgiveness and surrendering what you can’t control. Picture wiping a clean slate to create anything you want… Isn’t that exciting?!

♥ Days 21 to 25 (Week 5): Activating Your Readiness To Live Your Best Life ♥

You’re more ready to live your best life than you think! Week 5 comes with 5 days of powerful practices to help you appreciate and activate your readiness. You’ll see detours and feeling lost in your life in a different light, and also appreciate the gifts in previous disappointments in your life. You haven’t suffered in vain!

♥ Days 26 to 30 (Week 6): Charting Inspired Action Toward Your Best Life ♥

The last 5 days of the program are intended to help you identify and prioritize inspired action to take toward living your best life. You’ll not only identify realistic milestones, but also head off what may derail you, as well as plan to celebrate achieving each milestone! Yay!

Each contemplation exercise is a goldmine, through which Dr. Chan nudged me to examine my deepest fears, doubts, beliefs, and desires, and helped me to come up with my own answer to my life’s challenges (which are uniquely my own). They provide me with a renewed sense of faith. —Arun V.

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What’s included in this program?

This program is designed for you to go at your own pace. It includes:


♥ 30 Days of Loving Guidance. I’ll guide you personally for 30 days through powerful videos, each introducing a particular day’s focus and associated practice, e.g., a contemplation, guided visualization, journaling, etc. These daily videos will be augmented by audios of powerful guided visualizations you can repeat periodically beyond the duration of this program. I’ve been practicing them myself for years, and don’t plan to stop, as they are very powerful!

♥ A Companion 30 Days To Your Best Life Practice Book. You’ll receive a fully loaded companion practice book to follow along the daily practices of the program.You’ll print it out and use it to answer contemplation questions, record insights from guided visualizations, etc. This companion practice book will become your best friend and confidant! :-)

(Click on this link to get more details of the 30 days)


♥ Results For You ♥

My Heartfelt Intention for you is to…

♥ Be able to bid farewell to an unsatisfying existence
♥ Have the tools you need to create your best life
♥ Realize how powerful and ready you are NOW to live that life
♥ Get love and support as you go through this process of creating your best life
♥ Go forward with unstoppable momentum to live your best life


Are you ready to live your best life NOW?

You may start within 24 hours of signing up!

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30 Days To Living Your Best Life


Within 24 hours of payment receipt, you will receive an email confirmation with details on accessing the program.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you participate fully in this program and, upon completion, you feel it hasn’t helped you at all, we will refund as much of your money as you feel is appropriate.


Meet Alice

I’m thrilled that you’re ready to live your best life! And I’m really looking forward to helping you!

APC 2012 Portrait

I could regurgitate my bio here, but I want to deliver a message from my heart instead…

As you heard briefly in the video above, I was marking time in my life up until 4 years ago. It wasn’t like I didn’t try really hard most of my life to know my purpose for being in this life. But it seemed like all that trying only yielded more and more emptiness and frustration. That was despite objectively living a successful life, being a homeowner in the expensive San Francisco Bay Area, and having accolades like being an award-winning Cornell professor to my name.

In living out my second lease on life, it has become very clear to me that the pain I had experienced in my life is meant to be my gift to serve you—because, even if our circumstances may be materially different, I can relate at such a visceral and an instinctive level to the pain and discomfort you feel for not knowing what you want and not living the life you know deep within is yours to live.

So, here I am, offering my hand to you…if you’re willing to take it and let me help you step into the BEST YOU and your BEST LIFE!