Details of 30 Days To Living Your Best Life

30 Days To Living Your Best Life

What’s in the 30 Days?

The 30 days fall into 6 parts that build on each other, each with 5 days of juicy practices. These 6 parts line up with the 6 weeks in the group coaching program option (see “How can I participate in this program?” below). My intention for structuring 5 practice days per week is to provide a little breathing room for you to work with and absorb the material. For instance, you may decide to:

♥ Do the 5 days of practices for each week on the weekdays and take the weekend off; or
♥ Do the program Wednesday through Sunday, because you don’t have as much time during the week; or
♥ Spend some extra time on some of the practices (e.g., the super-fun exercises from Week 2) during the weekend.

Days 1 to 5 (Week 1): Laying The Foundation

Week 1 is all about laying the foundation to become the best you and welcome your best life in 2013. The 5 days in this week will help you begin to get clear on what you want and what’s holding you back.

♥ Day 1: Program Overview / What to expect
♥ Day 2: Setting your intention for what you want for your life; includes exercise on what to do if you don’t know what you want
♥ Day 3: What would fulfilling your intention do for you?
♥ Day 4: What’s holding you back?
♥ Day 5: What would happen if you maintain the status quo and do nothing? How much longer can you live without any change?

Days 6 to 10 (Week 2): Receiving The Vision For Your Best Life

The focus of Week 2 is perhaps the juiciest part of this program, i.e., calling in the highest and greatest vision for your best life! The daily practices are designed to help you open up to receiving this vision and having some fun with it to allow it to inspire you.

♥ Day 6: Receiving the highest vision for you ~ A simple, yet powerful visioning process
♥ Day 7: Receiving the highest vision for you ~ Tapping into the wisdom of the energy centers within you
♥ Day 8: Creating the screenplay of your vision
♥ Day 9: Getting inspired to seeing your vision come true (Part 1)
♥ Day 10: Getting inspired to seeing seeing your vision come true (Part 2)

Days 11 to 15 (Week 3): Releasing Roadblocks Keeping You From Your Best Life

Week 3 is about essential “housecleaning” to clear out inner blocks and objections keeping you from being the best you and living your best life. You’ll be guided to update or release forgotten agreements you unknowingly made with yourself that keep you stuck in an unsatisfying life. Can you imagine how freeing that would be?

♥ Day 11: Revealing inner objections against the highest vision for your life
♥ Day 12: Addressing the objections (Part 1)
♥ Day 13: Addressing the objections (Part 2)
♥ Day 14: Identifying, updating and releasing forgotten old agreements keeping you from living your best life
♥ Day 15: Identifying and releasing what you are trying to avoid, what scares you into hiding from your best life

The guided visualizations and exercises helped me uncover and release forgotten agreements I made with myself. These agreements do not align with the journey I am on today. Thank you Alice!!–Phyllis G.

Days 16 to 20 (Week 4): Making Space For The Vision

Continuing with housecleaning begun in Week 3, Week 4 will be all about making space for your best life through practicing release rituals, forgiveness and surrendering what you can’t control. Picture wiping a clean slate to create anything you want… Isn’t that exciting?!

♥ Day 16: Listening to your fearless self
♥ Day 17: Releasing limiting thoughts, beliefs and messages
♥ Day 18: Forgiving yourself to create space for your highest vision
♥ Day 19: Forgiving others to create space for your highest vision
♥ Day 20: Surrendering control of what you can’t control

Days 21 to 25 (Week 5): Activating Your Readiness To Live Your Best Life

You’re more ready to live your best life than you think! Week 5 comes with 5 days of powerful practices to help you appreciate and activate your readiness. You’ll see detours and feeling lost in your life in a different light, and also appreciate the gifts in previous disappointments in your life. You haven’t suffered in vain!

♥ Day 21: Reframing detours and being off-track
♥ Day 22: Appreciating the transferrable gifts in your life experiences toward your best life
♥ Day 23: Appreciating the gifts in not getting what you thought you wanted when you wanted it
♥ Day 24: Appreciating the gifts in distractions
♥ Day 25: Creating your “Appreciation and Gratitude Inventory”

Days 26 to 30 (Week 6): Charting Inspired Action Toward Your Best Life

The last 5 days of the program are intended to help you identify and prioritize inspired action to take toward living your best life. You’ll not only identify realistic milestones, but also head off what may derail you, as well as plan to celebrate achieving each milestone! Yay!

♥ Day 26: Outlining your actions to realize your highest vision
♥ Day 27: Identifying top 5 most important actions and setting milestones
♥ Day 28: Anticipating what may sabotage each milestone and how to address them
♥ Day 29: How will you celebrate completing each milestone?
♥ Day 30: Program wrap-up and next steps. Includes a summary of what you will have done in the program and tips for moving forward with living your best life. After all, even though the program is coming to a close, it’s only the beginning of your best life!

Each contemplation exercise is a goldmine, through which Dr. Chan nudged me to examine my deepest fears, doubts, beliefs, and desires, and helped me to come up with my own answer to my life’s challenges (which are uniquely my own). They provide me with a renewed sense of faith. –Arun V.