A Miracle Is Faith In What’s Real

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love—from a belief in what is not real, to faith in that which is.

The Law of Divine CompensatioAbove are two quotes from Marianne Williamson’s latest book, The Law of Divine Compensation. The central thesis of this book is that we all live in a cooperative Universe, which is constantly conspiring to support us. It’s like our personal GPS system to show us the best route to fulfill our life purpose, and to re-compute alternate routes, as needed, when we take other turns than the suggested route—all those times we judge ourselves for having taken the wrong turn or fallen off our path.

So, what is real, and what isn’t? That which is real and permanent doesn’t change. Therefore, anything that’s strictly associated with our physical human existence, including our bodies and emotions, isn’t ultimately real or permanent—because our bodies and emotions change. When we forget that we’re infinite spiritual beings having a human experience, we identify with what isn’t real and fall into the trap of trying to hold onto and/or being afraid of what isn’t real.

When we slip into fear and forget love—the real, permanent state of our spiritual being—we block access to personal guidance from our Universal GPS system. When we believe in what isn’t real and lose faith in what is, we disallow the self-correcting Universe from compensating for our choices that deviate from our highest good. Whenever we shift from fear to faith, we open our eyes to seeing miracles in our lives, per Williamson’s statement above. In other words, miracles aren’t some rare mystical experience bestowed upon a chosen few. Rather, we all can experience miracles every day by having faith in Love.

Death = Return to what’s real—Love

LovePart of what prompted this contemplation was hearing about the sudden deaths or the final days of friends, acquaintances or their family members, all within the last couple of weeks. Don’t know about you, but few things make me remember what’s real and what isn’t than life and death. To those survived by the deceased, there are no words adequate to describe the pain and grief. Yet, to the deceased, it’s a return to what’s real, what’s truly permanent—and what’s far more perfect and awesome than any spectacular human experience. It’s a return to Love—the state of being, not the human emotion.

How do I know that death is a return to what’s real, i.e., Love? I’ve experienced it firsthand and lived to tell you about it. You may or may not know that I nearly died on December 30, 2008. Before I knew what had happened to me, I experienced the Love and Perfection of the spirit realm from where my soul came and to where I’ll return when it’s time to surrender this body.

While still unconscious in the intensive care unit of the hospital, I was surrounded by a very bright white light, and cradled from head to toe with the warmest, purest Love that surpassed by many orders of magnitude any form of human love I’ve experienced up till then or since. While being held by this indescribable Love, a knowing came upon me that I almost died, but was kept alive because there was more for me to do in this life. In that realization, there wasn’t any trace of fear, but instead only the most unwavering conviction that all was perfect, in right order, and exactly as it was meant to be. This was despite the fact that a trauma team of 6 surgeons were working hard to save me from dying.

I’ll never forget the very first time I saw myself in the bathroom mirror of my hospital room 4 days after the accident. There were countless staples running across the top of my head down to just above my left ear. A bloody open wound larger than the size of a dollar coin adorned my left forehead. The right side of my head was practically bald, while strands of long hair from the back of my head draped sadly around my shoulders and down the front of my hospital gown. The grotesque, lifeless reflection staring back at me from the mirror made my stomach turn. But, at that very moment, a voice within said I’d get through that life setback. That’s the voice of my inner wisdom reminding me that I had experienced what’s real beyond this human existence.

Miracle = Faith in spite of pain and grief



Why am I sharing the above here with you? I pray that you never have to experience firsthand nearly dying from severe head trauma and needing to live with the aftermath—or any similarly trying and disruptive life event. However, nearly dying gave me a chance to experience what’s real and in which to have faith. Being reminded of this truth got me through a very long and difficult physical and psychological recovery, as well as many deeply fearful moments over the past few years. I’m hoping that you can extract some value from my experience without having to go through it yourself.

When we’re going through a difficult time in any part of our lives, no one has the right to tell us what we’re feeling isn’t real. And, I certainly don’t mean to dismiss the pain and hardship of those who have lost loved ones. Furthermore, remembering that only Love is real doesn’t spare us the pain, fear and anxiety our human selves feel from time to time when challenging events transpire. However, having experienced “the other side,” I can say unequivocally that the pain and discomfort we experience and feel serves a higher purpose for which our souls signed up that eludes human consciousness.

Just as I knew for certain that all was perfect and exactly as it was meant to be while 6 trauma surgeons were trying to save my life, your soul knows that whatever hardship or pain may befall you at any time isn’t what’s real and permanent. It’s simply part of the plan, if you will, your soul agreed to fulfill in this life. If you can surrender to your soul’s plan for experiencing it all—even without knowing what that plan is—you allow your Universal GPS system to show you the way. If you’re willing to have faith in Love—even when your human heart is broken and grieving—you’re open to seeing every day as a miracle. Because it is, no matter what things in your outer world look and feel like at any given point in time.

So, what do you think? What’s real to you, and what isn’t? What do you think about Williamson’s statement that a miracle is a shift from belief in what’s not real to faith in what is?


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Hiten Vyas
Hiten Vyas

Hi Alice,

Many thanks for sharing the story about your near death experience and how it helped you to truly understand what matters. I never knew this happened to you. What you wrote is indeed, so inspiring. 

With the recent new direction my life has taken with work, I needed to read this post. I've been getting too caught up in the realms of the ego, and your post has helped me to shift my attitude to the all-pervasive, indestructible soul in me, which is watching everything, loves everything and fears nothing.

Thank you.


I love the idea of a Universal GPS, and it's true I believe all things are working together for good. That doesn't mean all things are good, or only good things happen, it means that when I open myself to the goodness in the world I will find it. 

When I quiet my mind, including expectations, fears, and complaining, I will notice the world around me is sending me messages that guide me to my best possible life. 

 Sometimes if a situation is painful, it's because it's not a good situation and it's time to move on. Other times I only need to learn to respond different to my situation. That's my Universal GPS guiding me for good.

Thanks for your thoughtful insight! Have a grateful day!


DrAliceChan moderator

@Hiten Vyas Hiten, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your feedback. I can definitely relate to how easy it can be to get caught up in the ego realm. Every day, I'm trying to exercise high consciousness in not getting sucked into "ego contests." Recent deaths and news about dying acquaintances really help to remind me of what's real, in addition to my spiritual practice. Thank you again for joining the conversation here.

DrAliceChan moderator

@livelovework Thank you for adding your insights about staying open, Chrysta. That really is the key to not becoming attached to the unreal parts of our existence and forgetting who we are. As you also pointed out, our emotions serve as guidance for us to not stay in a situation that's not for our highest good. Ultimately, it really is about cultivating consciousness in how we live. Thank you again for sharing!

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