Bless Ye, Distractions!

Whether we are aware, distractions are direct consequences of the choices we make in life. They match our level of self-awareness and what we are ready to do. They let us know that our goals may be too far of a stretch from our current circumstances and beliefs. As a result, we are more prone to accept the many procrastination excuses proffered by our ego.

Distractions can also serve as messengers about necessary changes we need to make in our life. What we try to avoid indicates to us fears and old beliefs that need to go. When you feel distracted from doing something, pay attention to what you are trying to avoid and the underlying reasons.

Ultimately, distractions offer us opportunities to evaluate again and again how much we truly want what we claim we want. When we feel a fire burning in our belly about something, and we simply could not imagine our world without it, nothing could stop us from going after it. Similarly, when we are ready to embrace our dream as the highest priority in our life, we find ourselves willing to commit to whatever it takes to make it a reality. Until we are truly ready though, distractions from our dream serve their purpose of keeping us honest.

The Case of Evan Almighty

Have you seen the movie, Evan Almighty? Evan is a senator called by God to build an ark right outside of Washington D.C. His wife thinks he has lost it, and proceeds to leave with the kids. While taking a food stop on their way to her parents’ place, she encounters God. God tells her that, when we pray for closeness in our family, God does not send us warm and fuzzy feelings. Rather, we are given opportunities to choose to be a close family. It is Evan’s wife’s opportunity to choose what she wants, i.e., to have a close family by supporting her husband at a time when he really needs her.

I am bringing up this beautiful message from pop culture because of its tremendous wisdom. When you claim you want something, be ready to walk the talk. And, this message perfectly encapsulates why distractions in our lives are not to be shunned but honored. After all, they are direct results of our choices. We attract them into our life to help us choose at every crossroads which way to go. If we are not ready for the tougher route, recognize that it is ok and honor that. Why beat ourselves up over not being ready for it? What purpose does chastising ourselves serve?

On the other hand, if we really want what we claim we want, then distractions are there to remind us that our choices and actions need to line up with our desires. How badly do you want your dream? Are you willing to push through distractions to recommit to choices that align with your dream? Either way, it is the right answer for you. Just be deliberate with your choice and be ready to honor it – even if it means accepting temporary distractions and honoring their sacred place on your path.

Putting Into Practice

  • Think about where you are in your life right now and where you want to be. What are you doing now that distracts you from your dream?
  • What purpose do you think these distractions serve?


This article is based on the Honor Chapter of my book, REACH Your Dreams: Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life.

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Thank you SO MUCH for pointing this out to me. I struggle with being distracted so much of the time. I'm going to pay close attention and really think about them as they come up. Distractions as teachers, I never knew! Kel

Alice Chan, Ph.D.
Alice Chan, Ph.D.

You're very welcome, Kel! As a bonafide overachiever most of my life, I have to remind myself of this often. :-) Thank you very much for reading and sharing your comments. Many Blessings, Alice

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