REACH Your Dreams:
Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life

“Alice Chan offers us a compelling and acutely honest guide to creating an inspired and passionate life. In a voice both strong and gentle, she helps us explore the fine and fearsome art of getting out of our own way, tapping the vast fields of our own potential, and then, just as importantly, celebrating the life we create.”

–Gregg Levoy, Author of Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life

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Honored by Aspire Magazine as one of their November 2012 “Top 10 Inspiring Books.”

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This book outlines my five-step system for helping you get clear on what you want, eliminate barriers on your path to your desires and take inspired action toward creating what you want. It guides you to leverage both your rational mind and intuitive wisdom to create the life of your dreams. Most of all, REACH is a process that works for you, no matter where you are in your life and what you are ready to do.

Below are a few excerpts from the book.

From the Prologue:

Therefore, there is no need to fret too much about not yet being clear about your dreams, or judge yourself too harshly for not yet having gotten your act together to go after them. Uncomfortable as it feels now, you cannot miss your life. Just be willing to look more and more to the wisest and most fearless part of yourself for a little more courage each time the call to follow your path comes knocking on your door. As you listen more and more to the guidance of your inner voice, the beautiful picture of your dream life will unfold before you. And, if you are willing, the REACH process in this book is intended to help you reveal this picture and make it a reality.

What Is REACH?

REACH is a mnemonic for Release, Envision, Act, Celebrate and Honor. In this book, one chapter is devoted to each of these five components of your personal transformation journey.

What will you have accomplished at the end of this book?

We started with some house cleaning in Chapter 2, Release, when we used different tools to uncover and let go of some fears and old beliefs blocking our path. In doing so, we created spaciousness in our vibration in preparation for our dream.

In Chapter 3, Envision, we engaged our fearless inner dreamer to imagine what it would feel like to be living our dream. We learned how to allow our inner dream to unfold through meditation, as well as how to get clear on what we want and visualize having these conditions fulfilled.

In Chapter 4, Act, we practiced discerning true inner guidance from ego-based directives, so that we can take guided, inspired action on our dream. We discussed a few simple ways to maintain a regular meditation practice for tuning into our inner guidance. We also started a SMART plan for our dream, which we will continue to update until our dream is fulfilled.

In Chapter 5, Celebrate, we looked at the importance of inviting the energy of celebration into our lives. We began to cultivate an awareness of appreciating and celebrating the good already in our world. We also started making plans to celebrate the progress made toward realizing our dream.

Last, but not least, in Chapter 6, Honor, we looked at honoring the current version of ourselves and where we are in our lives — the here and now from which we create our future. We also learned to honor our body, as well as the mystery of timing, distractions and people on our path to our dreams. We discussed the importance of doing our part and surrendering the need to control the rest.

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