What is REACH?


is the acronym for my five-step personal empowerment program to step you through how to create the life of your dreams:

  • Release forgotten beliefs and unconscious limiting self-talk keeping you playing small and unfulfilled.
  • Envision having your dreams fulfilled, with clarity of what you want.
  • Act on inner wisdom and creativity to fulfill your dreams—one smart step at a time.
  • Celebrate the good in your life and celebrate more good into it!
  • Honor the current version of you and the here and now from which you create your future.

Below is a summary of what each of the five components of REACH entails, what problem each solves.


Problem: Subconscious mind filled with self-limiting messages about why you can’t do or have something better.

Solution: Identify, unlock and release these messages.


Problem: Focusing only on the current unwanted situation, not what you want.

Solution: Tap into your inner wisdom and creativity to get clear on what you want and see yourself living in your dream now.


Problem: Paralyzed by the enormity of your dream; either no action is taken or action is busy, panicky in nature, instead of being guided by purpose.

Solution: Break your dream down into SMART goals and take inspired, purposeful actions toward realizing your dream (SMART = specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-trackable).


Problem: Only see the hole in the donut/bagel. Don’t take time to appreciate what’s good; take progress for granted.

Solution: Practice appreciation and gratitude; celebrate SMART milestones. Train your subconscious mind to recognize good and progress.


Problem: Don’t acknowledge yourself, but only focus on not being good enough or not doing enough.

Solution: Reframe harsh judgments of yourself and your life, and recognize your ability to create what you want from the here and now.

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