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Steer, Not Control

Another short post to share intuitive guidance that came through me this morning. This message is for anyone who has been waiting for something for extended periods of time and feels that you have met your end of the bargain and done all the “right things.” Yet, it still eludes you, and you are frustrated […]

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Serenity, Courage & Wisdom

2014 started with some challenging news. There is a 5% margin that I could prevent the worst outcome from happening. However, the disproportionately higher likelihood that it will come to pass—and the pain it will bring me—has been weighing heavily on my mind and in my heart. When I meditated on the situation over the […]

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Many Faces of Ego

Last week, I was at an event of great strategic importance to my company. At a personal level, it was critical that I delivered a stellar performance. Until the event was over and I was back in the office debriefing with a larger team under my boss, I didn’t fully realize how much pressure—much of […]

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How Does Life Love You?

I’m drafting this week’s post while flying home, after attending Dr. Robert Holden’s weekend Loveability program in New York based on his book with the same title, which I’ve written about in a few of my previous posts. I’m also writing through tears from feeling profoundly moved by what has been stirred within me just […]

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Can Competitiveness Be Good?

Last week, I played a satisfying competitive tennis match. My partner and I won narrowly in a third-set tiebreak, which was described by a teammate watching us as a nail-biter till the very end. It very much felt that way to the two of us on the court. Until the deciding point, the match really […]

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Halloween Every Day

In the U.S., Halloween is observed this Thursday. This historically pagan holiday has evolved over the years into a day of dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. Not only do children embrace these rituals, many adults love this day when it’s socially acceptable, if not encouraged, to dress up as a character and take on […]

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No Need To Try So Hard

Last Tuesday, I went with a group of friends to see Dr. Robert Holden, who was in San Francisco. In the past, I’ve written about what I learned from his books, including Shift Happens, Be Happy and Loveability. His work has had profound impact on my life, with the following being a particularly significant life-changing […]

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To be a Gracious Receiver

In the past, I had written about being a gracious receiver. Many of us, especially women, were raised to be givers and didn’t learn how to receive. Unless we feel sufficiently secure in ourselves—with our weaknesses as much as our strengths—it’s easier to give because we get to assume the power position, while receiving requires […]

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Massage Your Mind

Do you enjoy massages? I do, very much in fact. After quite a few hours spent on airplanes lately, I really enjoyed the therapeutic massage I had this past weekend. The knotted up muscles in my back especially appreciated the TLC. We all have vulnerable spots in our bodies that hold the bulk of tension […]

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Your Gift to the World

Have you ever asked yourself what gifts are yours to share with the world? What’s your answer? Has it changed over the years, as you change, grow and evolve? Over the years, through classes and programs taken, books read, as well as soul-searching contemplations and reflections undertaken, variations of this question had come up. By […]

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