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Vulnerability and Shame

Last summer, a friend of mine recommended Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brene Brown. The post-it note on which she wrote the title sat on my coffee table for months before I ordered the book. It then took some more time before […]

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How Does Life Love You?

I’m drafting this week’s post while flying home, after attending Dr. Robert Holden’s weekend Loveability program in New York based on his book with the same title, which I’ve written about in a few of my previous posts. I’m also writing through tears from feeling profoundly moved by what has been stirred within me just […]

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To be a Gracious Receiver

In the past, I had written about being a gracious receiver. Many of us, especially women, were raised to be givers and didn’t learn how to receive. Unless we feel sufficiently secure in ourselves—with our weaknesses as much as our strengths—it’s easier to give because we get to assume the power position, while receiving requires […]

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On Being Fearless

“Courage?!” That was the instantaneous response a senior executive gave me recently, when I asked her how she makes difficult decisions—before she launched into a series of logical decision-making steps that consider the marketplace, the competition, strategic priorities, available resources, etc. To me, her first gut response stood head and shoulders above everything else she […]

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Second Chances

Recently, I’ve been gifted second chances to reassess what I had previously ruled out in both my professional and personal life. While not all life experiences are destined to have an encore, it seems that some are meant to come around again, after we’ve grown and healed old wounds, our perspective has evolved, and we’ve […]

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Be Real, Not Positive

In the movie, “Princess Diaries,” there’s a scene where the main protagonist, Mia, sobs in her mother’s arms, after being humiliated in public. While holding and comforting Mia, her mother tells her it’s ok to cry because she has been hurt. That scene made an impression, because it doesn’t seem to be the norm. For […]

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Truth vs. Lies

Releasing Unworthiness

A few weeks ago, I wrote about starting a new year with the birth of a personal mantra “Do it for Love.” Since then, to keep Love front and center in my consciousness as my purpose, I journal nearly every morning on the following question, “What does Love want me to know today?” It’s my […]

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Alone for the Holidays?

While continuing to curate the One-Minute Grace (OMG) for the Holidays series, I got an intuitive nudge to write an extra post for those who are single and alone, finding this time of the year especially challenging. If this doesn’t apply to you, you can stop reading now. Painfully alone during the Holidays One week […]

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Farewell, Independence!

Do you find yourself saying “no” to offers of help from others, because you can handle it all on your own no matter what? Do you feel that you can’t ever ask for support even when you could really use some, because you don’t want to be a burden to others or appear weak or […]

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Time to Die

I’m not suicidal or homicidal, so no one panics! Yes, it’s time to die, but not in the way you think. Rather, the message is in the following: The “old” you has to die so that the “new” you can be born. The first act of creation is always destruction. ~ Katherine Woodward Thomas The […]

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