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Steer, Not Control

Another short post to share intuitive guidance that came through me this morning. This message is for anyone who has been waiting for something for extended periods of time and feels that you have met your end of the bargain and done all the “right things.” Yet, it still eludes you, and you are frustrated […]

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This morning, I did my visioning practice to tune into guidance for what to remember this week. I’m still in the midst of navigating a rather bumpy segment of my journey and finding myself sorely disappointed with how often I slip into fear and ego, getting easily agitated and ready to snap at anyone for […]

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Serenity, Courage & Wisdom

2014 started with some challenging news. There is a 5% margin that I could prevent the worst outcome from happening. However, the disproportionately higher likelihood that it will come to pass—and the pain it will bring me—has been weighing heavily on my mind and in my heart. When I meditated on the situation over the […]

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We are all connected. Everything’s tied together. So the next time you feel disconnected, look up, because you are the Universe expressing itself. It’s impossible to be separate from it. … Christmas brings us into a connective heartbeat. If you sit still, you can feel it all around. The above is excerpted from the movie, […]

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How Does Life Love You?

I’m drafting this week’s post while flying home, after attending Dr. Robert Holden’s weekend Loveability program in New York based on his book with the same title, which I’ve written about in a few of my previous posts. I’m also writing through tears from feeling profoundly moved by what has been stirred within me just […]

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Massage Your Mind

Do you enjoy massages? I do, very much in fact. After quite a few hours spent on airplanes lately, I really enjoyed the therapeutic massage I had this past weekend. The knotted up muscles in my back especially appreciated the TLC. We all have vulnerable spots in our bodies that hold the bulk of tension […]

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Your Gift to the World

Have you ever asked yourself what gifts are yours to share with the world? What’s your answer? Has it changed over the years, as you change, grow and evolve? Over the years, through classes and programs taken, books read, as well as soul-searching contemplations and reflections undertaken, variations of this question had come up. By […]

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Love is the Answer

Every act of unkindness is a cry for help, a cry for love. They don’t know what they’re doing. Love them without needing to condone their behavior. See the truth of who they are. Send them love. The above came as part of the guidance I received this past Sunday morning, when I did my […]

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Big Sur

The Wisdom of Simplicity

At the beginning on July, I wrote about my commitment to being grounded in my spiritual practice as I reentered the corporate world. Although I’ve been burning the candle on both ends of late, I’ve managed to start every day with meditation and journaling, even if somewhat abbreviated than before when I had more free […]

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Finding the Simple in the Complicated

This past weekend, I went on a personal retreat at the New Camaldoli Hermitage, a monastery south of Big Sur on the pacific coast of California. As the name “hermitage” suggests, it’s a place for retreating into silent prayer, meditation and contemplation. Aside from taking a walk together, there isn’t any common area for people […]

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