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Alone for the Holidays?

While continuing to curate the One-Minute Grace (OMG) for the Holidays series, I got an intuitive nudge to write an extra post for those who are single and alone, finding this time of the year especially challenging. If this doesn’t apply to you, you can stop reading now. Painfully alone during the Holidays One week […]

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Honor: A Gift of Love

In the last year since the release of my book, in-person and online interactions have reinforced a few things I know about barriers to dreams and what keeps some stuck in a less than satisfying existence. At the root of it are trapped, old grievance stories and unconscious beliefs that we don’t deserve better. Even […]

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In the Waiting

All this week, what’s front and center in my consciousness is the contemplation of releasing the need to know and to control events (a.k.a. surrendering) and honoring the mystery of how life unfolds in its own time and in its own way. This is partly a continuation of my ruminations from last week about embracing […]

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My Way

To thy own self be true. ~ William Shakespeare We hear variations of Shakespeare’s advice a lot. Be true to yourself. I even wrote a very personal post about returning to my Authentic Self two weeks ago. How do we know if we are or aren’t being true to ourselves? After all, most of us […]

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No Expectations

Over the past few months, my weekly articles have featured excerpts from my REACH book, introducing some consciousness-raising tools. It gave me great joy to be able to share these tools because they are vital parts of the Divine assignment I accepted in authoring my book. For this week, however, I’m not going to introduce […]

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Bless Ye, Distractions!

Whether we are aware, distractions are direct consequences of the choices we make in life. They match our level of self-awareness and what we are ready to do. They let us know that our goals may be too far of a stretch from our current circumstances and beliefs. As a result, we are more prone […]

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Honor Your Life

This week’s post is about honoring who we are and our lives, by reframing the way we look at ourselves and our life experiences to appreciate why we cannot miss our life, even if we may feel lost or judge ourselves for having fallen off our path. Honor Where You Are in the Labyrinth of […]

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