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Listen With Heart

“I did everything but listen, really listen,” says Michael to his wife, Alice. That’s a defining line at the end of the movie, When a Man Loves a Woman, a movie about a couple nearly torn apart permanently by alcoholism but who finds their way back to each other. In Alice’s recovery from alcoholism, she […]

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The Importance of Feeling Heard

The other day, I went to work early with the intention of getting a few things done before the day of meetings began. I barely hit the light switch in my office, and someone was at my door. She was having issues with a member of my team. So much for my hope to get […]

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “authentic” as being “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.” On, synonyms for “authenticity” include “genuineness,” “truth,” “candor,” “openness,” “integrity” and “sincerity.” In other words, to be authentic is to be true to ourselves, to stand in integrity of who we really are with honesty, openness and sincerity. Yet, for […]

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Second Chances

Recently, I’ve been gifted second chances to reassess what I had previously ruled out in both my professional and personal life. While not all life experiences are destined to have an encore, it seems that some are meant to come around again, after we’ve grown and healed old wounds, our perspective has evolved, and we’ve […]

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