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This morning, I did my visioning practice to tune into guidance for what to remember this week. I’m still in the midst of navigating a rather bumpy segment of my journey and finding myself sorely disappointed with how often I slip into fear and ego, getting easily agitated and ready to snap at anyone for […]

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Serenity, Courage & Wisdom

2014 started with some challenging news. There is a 5% margin that I could prevent the worst outcome from happening. However, the disproportionately higher likelihood that it will come to pass—and the pain it will bring me—has been weighing heavily on my mind and in my heart. When I meditated on the situation over the […]

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New Year’s Intentions

Here comes the sunset of one year and the dawning of another. What’s your practice for releasing the old and embracing the new? I don’t set new year’s resolutions, as they don’t work. Instead, I like to review the past year and vision for the new year. In a nutshell, 2013 is ending in a […]

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We are all connected. Everything’s tied together. So the next time you feel disconnected, look up, because you are the Universe expressing itself. It’s impossible to be separate from it. … Christmas brings us into a connective heartbeat. If you sit still, you can feel it all around. The above is excerpted from the movie, […]

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Many Faces of Ego

Last week, I was at an event of great strategic importance to my company. At a personal level, it was critical that I delivered a stellar performance. Until the event was over and I was back in the office debriefing with a larger team under my boss, I didn’t fully realize how much pressure—much of […]

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Recognizing Help

Is the Universe a friendly place? ~ Albert Einstein What’s your answer to Einstein’s question? My answer is a resounding “Yes!” Because of this belief, I know that help and guidance is always available, even if it often comes in subtle forms that are easy to miss. It’s up to me to cultivate high consciousness—and […]

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Misunderstanding Spirituality

Do you consider yourself spiritual? What does being spiritual mean to you, and how does that affect how you live? Unless you’re new here (if you are, welcome!), you know that spirituality is very important to me, and I try to bring a high level of consciousness to how I live. Recently, I got on […]

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