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Beware of Projections

Have you ever heard that what you find irritating about other people are often your own shadows you don’t want to own? When we harbor disapproval or non-acceptance of ourselves, we can’t truly be understanding and accepting of others. Furthermore, we often project our own self-disapproval—even self-hate—onto others. It’s not just in being convinced that […]

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How May I Serve?

Everyone is doing their best here. Help them succeed, and you’ll succeed, too. Take care of others, and they’d want to take care of you. The above was part of the guidance I received when I meditated on Sunday morning. Following a powerful 4-question visioning process (I’ve written about before), I quieted my mind, and […]

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The Mask You Wear

Last year, I wrote about attending a very eye-opening workshop by Pat Wyman, who talked about how we all have a defensive personality (profiled in the Enneagram). Our defensive personality is the mask behind which we hide our vulnerabilities, an instinctive self-protective response and attempt to save ourselves from being hurt. This defensive mask is […]

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Ego Fears What’s New

Do you recall the last time you were the new kid on the block? It wasn’t easy to be new, was it? Perhaps you were anxious to be accepted and to feel you belong? Worried about not knowing what you believe you should know and appearing incompetent? Concerned about being hemmed into expectations that might […]

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zen stones

Giving It Up

At face value, “giving it up” sounds a lot like defeat, doesn’t it? However, if “it” is our resistance to the flow of life, “giving it up” is anything but defeat. Rather, we’re surrendering our feeble attempts at controlling life to satisfy our ego, and allowing the cooperative forces of the universe to support us […]

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Acceptance Leads To Success

80% of success is showing up. ~ Woody Allen I’m not really a Woody Allen fan, but I love the above quote. To me, from the perspective of living with intention and authenticity, there are two layers of meaning embedded in “showing up.” The first layer of “showing up” is being fully present. That is, […]

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Power of the Mind

Sports teach us a lot about the power of the mind. What sets two equally skilled players apart is often different mindsets and beliefs. Same goes for life. Whether we achieve something is often determined not by our skills or knowledge but by what we believe we deserve or what we can do. In other […]

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Life Is For You

Have you ever asked “Why did that happen to me?” Until five years ago, I’d ask that question when bad things happened to me. It came from the mindset of a passive victim, and hence things happened to me. Can you relate? Let’s consider a different question, “In what ways did that happen for me?” […]

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The Accidental Winners

Sports offer a great mirror to reflect the psychology of life and how we go about pursuing (and avoiding) our dreams. In particular, whatever we believe we can or can’t do, that’s how we consciously and subconsciously play, which, in turn, determines what we get. We always fulfill our own prophecies. In this post, I’m […]

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What Do You Mean I Can’t?

I bet you’ve heard that voice or felt that judge inside you…the one that says things like, “No, I can’t,” “I’m not good enough,” “I’m such a failure, loser, [fill-in-blank],” “Who do I think I am anyway?” etc. That’s the inner critic we all have. Where does this inner critic come from, what purpose does […]

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