Honor Your Life

This week’s post is about honoring who we are and our lives, by reframing the way we look at ourselves and our life experiences to appreciate why we cannot miss our life, even if we may feel lost or judge ourselves for having fallen off our path.

Honor Where You Are in the Labyrinth of Life

Life is much more like a mysterious labyrinth than a straight path. Think about it, a big source of our angst and fears often stems from navigating a labyrinth. Sometimes, it feels like the center goal is literally within reach. But, somehow, the path starts taking us away from it. Other times, we feel utterly lost. Honoring where we are in the labyrinth of life is about trusting that the meandering path is guaranteed to get us to our goal, no matter how lost we may feel at any point. That is, if we have the faith and the endurance to stick it out, to keep saying “Yes” to taking the next step on our path.

It is very tempting to misjudge being in the outer folds of our labyrinth as falling off our paths or taking detours. No matter how far it appears we have strayed away from the center goal, we are still somewhere inside our labyrinth, on our life path. What we choose to do, where we choose to turn at any point always fits into the grand scheme of our life. When we are emotionally wedded to how things ought to look or how they need to play out, we miss the point of why we are where we are on our path. We inadvertently take for granted how valuable these “accidental” choices actually are, and how they are meant to prepare us for fulfilling our life purpose.

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This article is based on the Honor Chapter of my book, REACH Your Dreams: Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life.

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