OMG for the Holidays (Week 2)

Welcome to Week 2 of the One-Minute Grace (OMG) for the Holidays series! If you missed the background for this series, including an introduction to the OMG Ambassadors, and the first 7 OMG tips for Week 1, you can find them here.

This week, we have 7 great OMG tips on self-care, appreciation and sharing kindness that are aimed at helping us create some moments of grace during the Holidays. View each tip as a suggestion. You aren’t obliged to get it done on the associated day or at all. If you find a favorite or two, feel free to repeat as many times as you’d like in order to be nurtured by your inner state of grace!

OMG Tips for Week 2 (November 27 to December 3):

Tuesday, Nov. 27 ~ OMG Tip #8: Enjoy some chamomile magic

TeaRelax with a hot cup of Chamomile tea and honey. Use two tea bags, pour boiled water over, and cover for 15 minutes. Chamomile is calming and restorative to the nervous system. It reduces anxiety and nervous tummies. Add a slice of fresh ginger to it and you’ve got a cure for abdominal cramping and indigestion. Practice good self-care by preparing relaxing herbal teas for yourself during the holidays.

—by OMG Ambassador Nicole MacDonald

Wednesday, Nov. 28 ~ OMG Tip #9: Remember to bReathe

BREATHE…this acronym is a wonderful, nourishing reminder to take care of ourselves during the holidays. Here’s the second letter of the mnemonic:

R = Relax, Release, Receive. Take some time to unwind – if just for a few minutes. Reconnect with your inner body wisdom, your soul. As you breathe in and out, feel your body begin to relax – picture yourself in a safe and comfortable place of joy and serenity. Close your eyes, relax your jaw, roll your shoulders, release the tension and stress of the day. As you welcome this release, begin to visualize receiving the gifts of presence, of Being, of your authentic soul-full self.

—by OMG Ambassador Barbara Harper

Thursday, Nov. 29 ~ OMG Tip #10: Appreciate those who serve you

We aren’t always mindful of how much we have and how much we take for granted—especially when stress runs high. Today, make a point of appreciating people who contribute to your life in some way. For example, when driving, think of and appreciate those who plan, construct and maintain the roads that enable you to get to where you need to go. If you go to the store, think of and appreciate those involved in the supply chain—the farmers, manufacturers, merchandise transporters, store buyers, shelf stockers, cashiers, etc. Appreciation opens our heart and reminds us how blessed we are!

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Friday, Nov. 30 ~ OMG Tip #11: Enhance immunity and reduce stress

EleuthroGeneral fatigue? Difficulty managing stress? Or frequent colds? Consider taking Siberian Ginseng “Eleuthro” – Eletherococcus senticosus – This herb has been through numerous studies and, with use over several weeks, proves to enhance immune function, modulate our stress response, improve stamina, and increase mental alertness. It’s great to take to support our wellness, since we don’t always get enough sleep or downtime, especially during the Holidays. It’s available at Whole Foods, New Leaf and similar kinds of grocery and health food stores.

—by OMG Ambassador Nicole MacDonald

Saturday, Dec. 1 ~ OMG Tip #12: Visit those who may feel alone

One great way to extend kindness and give love during the Holidays is to visit those who don’t have family around, e.g., the elderly and orphans living in group homes. Today, check online (e.g., for local charities that may be organizing group visits to area homes. Some community groups organize caroling and other activities for Holiday visits that may be suitable for including your children, if you have any. That’s a great way to show them how spending time with those who may feel left out is a great gift of kindness that doesn’t cost anything.

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Sunday, Dec. 2 ~ OMG Tip #13: Allow yourself to rest

This time of year seems to speed up for most of us. Our to-do lists grow, and we frantically try to cram more and more into our day just so we can keep up. We have presents to buy, a house to decorate, cards to send, and family to see. (And this is all in addition to our normal daily lives.) We often wonder how we are going to fit everything in. This many seem counterintuitive, but I promise it will help. When you start feeling that tightness in your body because you are taking on more than you can handle, give yourself permission to rest. Even for a little while. Taking time for yourself will give you some perspective and also give you the boost you need to be able to embrace the season rather than dread it.

—by OMG Ambassador Jodi Chapman

Monday, Dec. 3 ~ OMG Tip #14: Be a secret santa

SantaHave you ever played secret santa at work or as part of a group? You draw the name of someone to whom you give little presents anonymously as their secret santa. This year, even if you aren’t part of an organized secret santa effort, drop little treats or Thank You notes to colleagues, friends and anyone to whom you’d like to show appreciation. Since they don’t know it’s you, they can’t thank you. Your gesture is purely gracious, i.e., giving without expecting anything in return. Their joy is reward enough. Doesn’t it make you feel good just thinking about doing that?

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

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How to Get Your OMG Tips

  1. Read this blog every Tuesday. For each of the next 3 Tuesdays, I’ll be posting 7 more OMG tips for that week.
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Hope you enjoy the above OMG tips. What are some of your own favorite ways of moving through the Holidays with Grace? Would love for you to share in the comment box below.


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Nicole MacDonald
Nicole MacDonald

Alice~Thank you so very much for creating OMG for the holidays. Being reminded daily to take care of myself and have tolerance for others (and my self!) helps me not just survive the holidays but THRIVE during a time when it's typically challenging to remain in love and gratitude. Thank you also, for creating a place for me to share some herbal wellness tips. I'd like to invite readers to ask me any Mind and Body wellness questions they may have through my website: on the "Ask The Expert" form. I will personally answer each question through direct email or on my blog so that others may benefit! Blessings, Nicole

Alice Chan, Ph.D.
Alice Chan, Ph.D.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wisdom and heart here, Nicole! Your tips on using herbs to reduce stress and create calmness during this time of the year are so valuable - perfect for creating moments of grace. I'm learning a lot from you! Thank you also for your graciousness and generosity in offering to answer questions on your website. Blessings to you, too, Nicole!


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