OMG for the Holidays (Week 3)

Welcome to Week 3 of the One-Minute Grace (OMG) for the Holidays series! If you missed the background for this series, including an introduction to the OMG Ambassadors, and the first 7 OMG tips for Week 1, you can find them here. Week 2 tips are here. View each tip in this series as a suggestion. You aren’t obliged to use it on the associated day or at all. If you find a favorite or two, feel free to repeat as many times as you’d like in order to be nurtured by your inner state of grace!

OMG Tips for Week 3 (December 4 to 10):

The year-end Holiday Season is in full gear, with Hannukah beginning on the evening of December 8 and the countdown to Christmas continuing. This week’s OMG tips are focused on taking care of ourselves and extending love to others who may be reminded of their losses. There’s a special tip just for the ladies, and one with a teachable experience of Grace for the children in your life. Enjoy!

Heart-shaped candlesTuesday, Dec. 4 ~ OMG Tip #15: Embrace your emotions

The holiday season can often bring up emotions that have been dormant for awhile – pain, fear, anger, etc. When these feelings surface, give yourself permission to let them out. Give yourself permission to feel them fully without judging yourself. When they surface, take some time to honor yourself for being brave enough and conscious enough to feel them. Try to embrace them rather than push them away. What we resist tends to persist, and allowing them to flow out of you is a beautiful way to clear the way for new emotions that you will be happy to embrace!

by OMG Ambassador Jodi Chapman

Wednesday, Dec. 5 ~ OMG Tip #16: Remember to brEathe

BREATHE…this acronym connects us with our soulful energy during the holidays. Here’s the third letter of the mnemonic:

E = Energy. Notice your energy upon waking up. Entering a room. Speaking. Do you need to calm or raise your energy? Consider listening to music that lifts your spirit. Sing out loud in the car even if you sing off tune! Laugh from deep within the soul. If you are frazzled, picture a gentle, flowing river. Depending on the “oomph” you need, breathe in the life energy that either calms and soothes you, or puts a playful zip in your step.

by OMG Ambassador Barbara Harper

Thursday, Dec. 6 ~ OMG Tip #17: Ladies, schedule girlfriend time

Research shows that women, whether happily coupled up or not, live longer because of our relationships with other women. Female bonding releases the feel-good hormone, oxytocin, which reduces stress. During this Holiday Season, be good to yourself by making time to be with your girlfriends, whether over lunch, a nature walk, or another mutually enjoyable activity. If you’re really pressed for time, combine some of your Holiday to-do’s with girlfriend time. Remember that a happy mommy, wife/partner, daughter, sister, colleague comes from a happy woman. Ladies, let’s have some Holiday fun bonding and extending each others’ lives!

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Friday, Dec. 7 ~ OMG Tip #18: A home scalp massage to relieve tension

RosemaryRelieve tension headaches with a Warm Medicated Oil Scalp Massage. Warm 5 oz of sesame oil on the stove at the lowest setting. Mix in 1 oz of fresh chopped rosemary. Let this heat at about 120 degrees for an hour.  Then strain and use warm. Drizzle this rosemary oil VERY slowly onto scalp and then massage. The duo of sesame and rosemary will help resolve headaches, muscle tension and soothe frayed nerves.

by OMG Ambassador Nicole MacDonald

Saturday, Dec. 8 ~ OMG Tip #19: Involve your children in giving

Are you participating in a Giving Tree at work or at your church, or getting a family in need gifts for the Holidays? Buying something for Toys for Tots? Involve your children (grandchildren, nephews/nieces, etc.). Explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Let them know we’re blessed to have what we need and want, and we’re sharing a token of abundance with other children who aren’t as fortunate. Have them select the gifts and say why they think their choices are perfect for the intended recipients. Validate them. It’s an experiential lesson about giving they’ll remember.

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Sunday, Dec. 9 ~ OMG Tip #20: Hold space for someone who has suffered loss

The Holidays can be really tough for those who have suffered losses through death, divorce or estrangement. The togetherness everyone else gets to celebrate can magnify the hole they still feel in their chest. If you know anyone who fits this description, you can support and hold space for them during this time. Allow them room to be with their feelings. Be there for them in a way that’s meaningful to them, whether it’s involving them in a Holiday activity, sending them a small “I’m thinking of you” care package, etc. Your tailored love makes just the Holiday gift to warm their hearts—and yours.

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Monday, Dec. 10 ~ OMG Tip #21: Remember to breAthe

StonesBREATHE…this acronym connects us with our soulful energy during the holidays. Here’s the fourth letter of the mnemonic:

A = Awareness. Become aware of your life change moments. Obstacles you have had to overcome. Milestones and celebrations. Listen to the still, small voice that beckons you to remember your hopes and dreams. There is always hope, just the focus of hope shifts and changes. In all the chaos and busyness of the season, stop and reflect – even if it is only for a few moments a day. Breathe in awareness…beauty…sensations. Notice the changes of the season, and the seasons of your life. Become wholeheartedly mindful of life’s precious gifts.

by OMG Ambassador Barbara Harper

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Hope you enjoy the above OMG tips. What are some of your own favorite ways of moving through the Holidays with Grace? Would love for you to share in the comment box below.


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