OMG for the Holidays (Week 4)

Welcome to Week 4 of the One-Minute Grace (OMG) for the Holidays series! If you missed the background for this series, including an introduction to the OMG Ambassadors, and the first 7 OMG tips for Week 1, you can find them here. Here are Week 2 and Week 3 tips. You aren’t obliged to use it on the associated day or at all. If you find a favorite or two, feel free to repeat as many times as you’d like!

OMG Tips for Week 4 (December 11 to 17):

This week’s tips focus on all-around self-care—mental, spiritual, emotional and physical—as we continue with giving activities associated with the Holidays. Create and enjoy a few moments of grace this week!

Tuesday, Dec. 11 ~ OMG Tip #22: Feel your inner smile

Inner joyHappiness and joy are qualities of our Inner Essence that are always there. What comes and goes is our awareness of them when our attention is on problems or issues at hand. Today, give yourself a couple of minutes to be alone. Close your eyes, take a few deep belly breaths, and bring your awareness to your heart center until it lands on the part that smiles. Stay with that inner smile and allow it to expand. Tell yourself that you’ll let that inner smile inspire and guide you as you start or continue your day.

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Wednesday, Dec. 12 ~ OMG Tip #23: Give your inner critic a vacation

If we aren’t careful, during the holidays our inner critic can show up and try to take control. We all know this voice inside of us who thinks we are never good enough and can’t do anything right. Well, you officially have permission to give your inner critic a long overdue vacation. This part of you has been working so hard, isn’t it time you let it rest for awhile? Whenever you start to criticize yourself, instantly replace those thoughts with more loving, caring ones. Instantly remind yourself that you’re an amazing person who is doing a beautiful job at embracing the season with calmness and joy.

by OMG Ambassador Jodi Chapman

Thursday, Dec. 13 ~ OMG Tip #24: Make a donation in someone’s honor as a gift

Have you ever received a fruitcake or some other Holiday present that you really could do without? This year, instead of stressing about what to get Uncle Bob or Cousin Susie, consider using the gift money toward a charity donation in their honor. Let them know about the donation in a nice card—and perhaps a gift card with a nominal amount to a local coffee shop or bakery to sweeten the envelope. This alternative gift benefits someone in need, saves you some stress and trips to the mall, and no one gets the proverbial fruitcake they must appear to appreciate.

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Friday, Dec. 14 ~ OMG Tip #25: Calm your over-stimulated nervous system

passionflowerAre you experiencing anxiety or panic and insomnia? Pick up a tincture (alcohol extract) of Passionflower – passiflora Incarnata – it is one of the “go-to” remedies herbalists reach for when their clients are struggling with these problems. Passionflower is gently sedating to the mind and body. It is useful to calm someone who is experiencing feelings of panic, and can be helpful to settle down a child (or adult!) who is having a tantrum. Consider this very safe herb to support your body in calming your over-stimulated nervous system.

by OMG Ambassador Nicole MacDonald

Saturday, Dec. 15 ~ OMG Tip #26: Give of your heart

They say that the greatest gift is the gift of your heart. One way you can give of your heart this Holiday Season is to volunteer. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment or carve out big chunks of time that seems already short in supply. Consider seasonal volunteer opportunities, e.g., local charities needing help sorting and/or handing out Holiday food, clothing or other donations, and take an hour or two to help out. Some opportunities could be great ad hoc projects to involve your pre-teen or teenage children. If you’re single, you may also make some new friends while giving love.

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Sunday, Dec. 16 ~ OMG Tip #27: Remember to breaThe

BREATHE…this acronym encourages us to savor creative juiciness during the holidays. Here’s the fifth letter of the mnemonic:

thinkingT = Take time to Think. Reflect. Set aside 10 minutes per day, or 30 minutes per week for creative juiciness. Often we hyper-focus on all the to-do lists and busy holiday activities.  Enjoy some YOU time. Make a Gratitude Journal; begin writing that first chapter of your book; sketch; close your eyes and let your imagination take you on a mini-vacation. Reflect – it can enrich and inspire you to take that next step of faith, and find out what makes YOUR heart sing!

by OMG Ambassador Barbara Harper

Monday, Dec. 17 ~ OMG Tip #28: Natural remedy for cold or flu

The Holiday Season seems to be prime time for circulating germs. Do you have a sore throat or laryngitis as part of a cold or flu? Pick up licorice root tea and steep a strong cup using two tea bags. Add honey, and drink throughout the day. Licorice is the most commonly used herb in Chinese medicine. It relieves sore throats by reducing swelling and toxicity (bacteria), while soothing raw throat tissue. It tastes great too! Consider it for yourself or your children to ease sore throat pain and shorten healing time.

by OMG Ambassador Nicole MacDonald

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How to Get Your OMG Tips

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Hope you enjoy the above OMG tips. What are some of your own favorite ways of moving through the Holidays with Grace? Would love for you to share in the comment box below.


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