OMG for the Holidays (Final Week)

Welcome to the last week of the One-Minute Grace (OMG) for the Holidays series! If you missed the background for this series, including an introduction to the OMG Ambassadors, and the first 7 OMG tips for Week 1, you can find them here. Here are Week 2,  Week 3 and Week 4 tips. You aren’t obliged to use it on the associated day or at all. If you find a favorite or two, feel free to repeat as many times as you’d like.

OMG Tips for Week 5 (December 18 to 24):

We’re nearing the home stretch of the Holiday Season. This week’s tips are on embracing grace through acts of appreciation, as well as giving—including to ourselves—and receiving in different ways that are nurturing but not dependent upon material presents. Enjoy these grace tips!

Tuesday, Dec. 18 ~ OMG Tip #29: Give extra hugs

HugsHave you ever noticed how you could be having the worst day imaginable, and when someone offers to give you a hug – it actually does make you feel better? The warmth of being in someone’s loving arms really helps to shift your perspective and remember that you’re always loved. Give extra hugs today, this holiday season, and from now on! Make a point of giving extra hugs to your friends, family members, pets, and even strangers that you meet! You’ll be amazed at how one simple hug can shift your entire mood. And it’s a beautiful gift to give to someone else to help them feel amazing, too!

by OMG Ambassador Jodi Chapman

Wednesday, Dec. 19 ~ OMG Tip #30: Remember to breatHe

BREATHE…this acronym reminds us to check in with the rhythm of life during the holidays. Here’s the sixth letter of the mnemonic:

H = Heartbeat: What is the heartbeat and rhythm of your life? Check in with your heartbeat. Are you in sync – do you need to take a pause, a breather? Get familiar with the rhythms of life. With those around you, especially your loved ones. You may “beat” to the tune of a different drummer altogether. Breathe in, be aware, and appreciate the different rhythms of life. Honor where you are at, and be mindful. Peace!

by OMG Ambassador Barbara Harper

Thursday, Dec. 20 ~ OMG Tip #31: Turn off the mental ringer

“It’s like turning the ringer off on the phone.” This is what has been said about the relief one gets from using the medicinal herb “Skullcap” – Scutellaria lateriflora. Adults, pick up a tincture (alcohol extract) of skullcap if you are experiencing tension, be it physical—such as when your neck and shoulders tighten at the base of your skull—or mental tension. Skullcap is calming, relieves tension, and is great for headaches. Holiday time is the perfect time to have some skullcap handy!

by OMG Ambassador Nicole MacDonald

Friday, Dec. 21 ~ OMG Tip #32: Appreciate life as it is

rose and stonesToday, let’s shift our awareness from what’s lacking or stressful in our lives to grace. We aren’t putting fake happy faces on real issues. Rather, we’re honoring life as it is—including what’s right and not right about it. Grab your journal, set a timer for 10 minutes, and write non-stop appreciating the blessings, gifts and lessons in the way things are and aren’t in your life right now. Alternatively, speak appreciation aloud for 10 minutes. This exercise is exquisite for the time you make for it! So, gift yourself the space and time to do this—today or another day soon.

(Bonus: Repeat this practice in the coming days to cultivate your grace consciousness into the new year.)

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

Saturday, Dec. 22 ~ OMG Tip #33: Remember to play

Remember when you were a kid, and the holidays were about everything fun: presents, making cookies, eating the cookies, decorating the house, and just enjoying time with your family? Sometimes, when we “grow up,” we get so caught up in all that we have to do to get ready for the holidays that we forget about the joy that the holidays represent. So take some time today to play. Build a snowman. Make some cookies. Sing Christmas carols. Make decorating the house a festive, fun event. Bring the joy back!

by OMG Ambassador Jodi Chapman

Sunday, Dec. 23 ~ OMG Tip #34: Remember to breathE  

BREATHE…this acronym reminds us to give and receive encouragement during the holidays. Here’s the last letter of the mnemonic:

E = Encouragement. Giving the gift of encouragement from the heart can bless a person when they least expect it – more than we may ever know.  They are noticed, valued, and matter. Sometimes we are the ones that need encouragement to get through life’s difficult journeys. Be ready to receive as well. Imagine being given your favorite flower with each compliment or encouraging word received. Gather up a bouquet of flowers and pass it on to someone that needs it.

by OMG Ambassador Barbara Harper

Monday, Dec. 24 ~ OMG Tip #35: What does love really require?

CandlesFor those celebrating Christmas, you may be stressed about what still needs to be done by tomorrow. Before you totally get into a grip, ask yourself, “What would happen if this doesn’t get done?” When scenarios bubble up, ask, “And what would then happen?” Keep drilling down with “What would then happen?” What you’ll realize is that the worst-case scenario isn’t that horrible. Your mind has simply convinced you of an imminent disaster if you didn’t do everything. Remember that the Holidays are about sharing love. What does love really require?

A very Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it!

—by OMG for the Holidays Series Curator Alice Chan

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hope you’ve enjoyed the above OMG tips and the 5-week series as a whole. Anything you’d like to share about the series or the Holidays in general? Please do so in the comment box below.


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Deone Higgs (@Deone_Higgs)
Deone Higgs (@Deone_Higgs)

These were great tips you've shared with us, Alice. The holidays can be extremely hectic and stressful for some people, but you shared a lot of helpful advice throughout the series. One of my favorites has been the breathing... since beginning to incorporate meditation into my daily practices, I understand perfectly why you've included it on your list of OMG. I missed reading a few weeks, but I'm glad you put them all here. I'll have to go back and read those I've missed. Thanks for the sharpening, my sister. ;)

Alice Chan, Ph.D.
Alice Chan, Ph.D.

Many thanks for sharing your feedback, Deone! I love the 'BREATHE' tips by OMG Ambassador Barbara Harper as well. Such clever little reminders for when we get crazed and lose connection to our inner peace. Wishing you a great Holiday Season, my brother. :-)

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