Preparing for the New Year (Part Two)

Happy 2012! A brand new year brings new beginnings and new possibilities. In my last article, I shared Part One of “Preparing for the New Year” to help you release what no longer serves you and to create space to welcome new possibilities. If you missed it, you can find it here. In this article, I will share Part Two, which is all about receiving the highest vision for you in 2012. Before I get to the steps, let me share a summary of my own preparation for 2012.

My Own Preparation for 2012

Last week, I devoted time to reviewing 2011, including events that transpired and people who have graced my life. The year certainly ended very differently from the way it started. The highlight was hands-down becoming the proud author of REACH Your Dreams: Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life. Accepting this Divine Assignment has taken me to a truly transformational and humbling part of my life path. Writing this book was the most exquisitely beautiful creative experience I’ve had. I was completely full, in love, and in the flow. Walking this segment of my journey has led me to meeting great people, some of whom I recognize as kindred spirits who will remain lifelong friends. Becoming the messenger of REACH has also required me to hold true to my intention to serve with love and grace, while simultaneously surrendering control of how exactly it will all play out. Surrendering also necessitated coming face-to-face with some latent old beliefs about inadequacies and unworthiness rooted in early life experiences. They came up to be healed and released before I could fully own what awaits me in 2012. As I’ve written before, beliefs are like layers of an onion. Until the outer layers are removed, the inner core ones can’t be revealed and released. We can’t rush the process, but instead need to be patient with and honor ourselves through the rounds of releasing old beliefs. Practicing release, forgiveness and gratitude last week was illuminating and liberating.

On the day of New Year’s Eve, I spent a good 2.5 hours being in receptive mode for my highest vision in 2012. It isn’t necessary to spend nearly that much time for profound insights to come. However, I personally savor the experience of visioning so much that I chose to devote a good block of time and space to it. I used two different processes that are described in detail in the Envision chapter of my book. Below, I’ll outline one of them that is really simple but extremely powerful. On New Year’s Eve 2010, it was this visioning process that told me in no uncertain terms to write my book in 2011: Finish REACH book. Just do it. You have a message to share. Don’t delay. My visioning on New Year’s Eve this past Saturday produced lots of profound insights for me regarding 2012. In a nutshell, I was told to be prepared for a speedy, windy ride in 2012 and to not resist or try to control it. To support this vision, I was advised to become vegan and to practice loving myself first before trying to do anything for anyone.

Receiving the Highest Vision for You in 2012

When you engage in visioning, you ask your logical, rational mind to take a nap, while you invite your fearless inner wisdom and creativity to come forward and show you the highest vision for you – in the present context, the highest vision for you in 2012. To allow this vision to be revealed, let me introduce you to a very simple, yet powerful, visioning process that was created by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Get yourself to a comfortable position, relax and quiet your thoughts. Take several slow, deep breaths to ground yourself in the present, setting aside your to-dos and worries for the moment. When you’re ready, pose the following 4 questions to the highest part of you, God, the Universe, etc., depending on your spiritual beliefs:

  1. What is your highest vision for me in 2012?
  2. What do I need to embrace or become for this vision to be realized?
  3. What do I need to release or let go of for this vision to be realized?
  4. What else do I need to know?

Be prepared to pause in between questions to jot down notes. In this visioning process, answers may come to you in the form of words, images, feelings, or just a sense of knowing. You may get insights in any of these forms, or you may consistently get only one form. For me, I mostly see words or hear messages. Sometimes, I get images as well, and occasionally I would also feel vivid sensations while being part of a visual picture shown to me. So, when you engage in visioning, be prepared to take note of the insights by writing or drawing. You may not have words for what comes to you. That’s perfectly valid. Trust the message that comes in whatever form from deep within you.

The first question will provide insights on what the highest vision in 2012 for you looks like. The subsequent three questions are intended to provide you with guidance on what to do to realize the vision just revealed to you. With the second question in particular, “What do I need to embrace or become for this vision to be realized,” you will receive insights on what you may need to do and/or how you may need to grow, perhaps by learning something new, or taking action in some other way that propels you forward. Becoming vegan was one piece of advice I got from this question on New Year’s Eve. With the third question, “What do I need to release or let go of for this vision to be realized,” it will reveal what no longer serves you, the roadblocks to be cleared on your path. These blocks could be fears, latent anger about something or someone, needs for forgiveness, judgment of self and others, and so on. With the final “what else” question, you ask for any additional insights. When I did this process for the first time years ago to ask about the highest vision for my life, the first response I got to the last question was: Have fun! It was very unexpected, after all the serious insights revealed to me earlier in the meditation. The surprise of this message made it more real and believable to me, as I knew my rational mind didn’t come up with it.

Once you have insights regarding the highest vision for you in 2012, you’re better informed on what you may need to do, what to let go of to make it a reality. Happy Visioning! I invite you to come back here and share any insights you may have from your visioning in the space below for comments.

May 2012 bring you true prosperity, ala Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity – great relationships, perfect health/great body, a job you love and all the money you care to spend!


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