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Press Room

Dr. Alice Chan was profiled as an inspirational leader on Huffington Post (ranked #5, February 20, 2013) with “a record of leading by example and laying the foundation for our collective greatness. Impressive in every way.

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Below is a sampling of radio interviews and magazine articles featuring Dr. Alice Chan.

Spiritually Raw on

Hosts Ajay and April Matta asked Alice to outline the REACH program, talk about barriers to our dreams and discuss taking smart action. On the show’s website:

  • Director James Cameron wrote, “Hope you come out to Hollywood one day. You are a great speaker. I have not heard you before and enjoyed you speaking.
  • Actor Timothy Dalton added, Yes James I agree our ears are buzzing at the moment, I hope we get the opportunity to see her in person.

Share Your Mission on WBCR 1470 AM – Truth Radio

Alice was interviewed about REACH, which fit right in with the purpose of this radio program, i.e., contemplating the question of “What am I doing here?” Host Dr. Winn Henderson believes that each of us has a specific mission to accomplish, and the ultimate secret to finding happiness in this life lies in discovering that destiny and then in pursuing it. (Here is the audio for the introduction and conclusion of the show.)

Brainstormin’ with Bill Frank on KKZZ AM 1400 – Positive Talk Radio

Host Bill Frank asked Alice questions surrounding how to overcome barriers to setting and achieving goals. The show’s overall goal is to deliver interviews with thought leaders in Business, Entertainment, Sports and Community.

Physical Intuition

Ever ignored a gut feeling and later regretted it? Ever wondered why you felt something wasn’t quite right without objective reasons for this feeling? That’s your physical intuition speaking to you for the sake of your well-being and highest good.

Honor Your Life

This article is excerpted from the Honor Chapter in my book, REACH Your Dreams: Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life. It is a piece on reframing harsh judgments we make of ourselves to honor who we are and our lives.

Sort Out the Shoulds in “30 Days, 30 Ways to Build Better Self Confidence”

Alice was interviewed by writer Norine Dworkin-McDaniel on tips to help women build self-confidence. Alice’s tip appears on Day 21 in the slideshow, advising women to recognize when they feel pressured to fulfill others’ expectations vs. their authentic wants and needs.

Owning My Self-Worth

In this article, Alice wrote about how she overcame her cultural background that devalued girls and achieved success in her adult life. She also answered editorial questions regarding what she has achieved, accepted and appreciated about herself and her life.