REACH-Treasure Chest Meditation

Thank you for your interest in the REACH-Treasure Chest Meditation!

This is a very simple yet powerful guided process to help you uncover promises, vows or agreements you had unknowingly made with yourself a long time ago, likely in your childhood, to help you cope with experiences you didn’t yet have the capacity to understand. You don’t remember them consciously, but they still limit you in your current life.

These promises or vows were made in reaction to what was happening to or around you that served to protect you from being (further) hurt then. Here are some examples: It’s best not to get close to anyone because they leave; Life is hard, and what I want is difficult if not impossible to come by However, you’re all grown up now, and they no longer serve you or where you want to take your life.

Once you’ve uncovered these forgotten vows, they can be either released or updated, so that you can clear the way for the life of your dreams!

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