Individual and Group Coaching

What kind of a coach am I?

I’m a personal empowerment coach, specializing in helping those who feel stuck in their personal and/or professional life to move forward with conviction and clear direction.

How do you know if coaching is what you need?

Quite simply, if you feel stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck, you need help! Whether you work specifically with me, a coach is someone who can help you:

  • Get clear on your situation and the underlying culprits that are keeping you stuck
  • Work through those blocks, many of which often stem from hidden or forgotten subconscious programming running havoc in your life
  • Develop a strategy to get unstuck
  • Learn tools to master your thoughts and psyche, and, in turn, your life
  • Move forward feeling confident and clear about your next steps

In short, having a coach is like having your own mental and psychological trainer, teacher, accountability partner and supporter all rolled up in one!

What do you get from working with me?

Bottom-line? Results. When you’re lost, scared and/or frustrated, to get out of that trap, you’re about to venture into unfamiliar territory. My job as your coach is to be a helping hand and a guiding light, to help you:

  • Get clear on what you want
  • Overcome whatever is getting in your way
  • Be with you step by step until you achieve the results you want

I’m especially skilled in hearing what is not said, as what blocks people from getting unstuck is often not conscious to them. Therefore, they can’t articulate what needs to be released, let alone know how to release these blocks.

My intention is to offer you assistance and support as you embark on the unfamiliar and the scary. The tools and guidance I’ll be offering you will help you self-empower to find the clarity and direction you seek!

How do you find out if I’m the right coach for you?

To find out whether you’ll benefit from working with me, I’m happy to offer you a complimentary 30-minute session. During this session, we’ll discuss what you need and what may be the challenges you’re facing. You’ll get a feel for how I’ll be working with you to determine whether we’re a good fit.

To schedule this complimentary session, please email or call me at 415.617.9335.

Group Coaching

In addition to working with clients one-on-one, I’m also available to do group coaching for small groups with common objectives and needs, e.g. managing their inner critic and having regular mastermind accountability sessions led and facilitated by a professional. If you’re interested in discussing group coaching, please email or call me at 415.617.9335.