Is this all there is to life?

Is this all there is to life?

Do you feel this way?

  • You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do, but you feel empty inside
  • You provide for your family, take good care of others, but you don’t know what makes YOU happy anymore
  • You feel weighed down by responsibilities, and are hard pressed to see the joy in life

How would you like to…

  • Release what gets you trapped in an unhappy existence
  • Reconnect to what makes you happy
  • Take achievable, tangible steps toward more happiness in your life
  • Have more reasons to celebrate life
  • Awaken what you have within you to be happy NOW

Through a 6-week teleseminar program, I’ll take you through exercises to help you with the above.

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and can’t wait to use your teachings! They are just what I need.” —Carol P.

Here’s what you can expect from the teleseminar:

  • Participate from wherever you are without the need to take time off from work or travel
  • There will be a practice theme each week (e.g., identifying what keeps you stuck) with supporting exercises to guide you step by step
  • A 60-minute call to kick off each week’s practice theme
  • All calls will be recorded, in case you have to miss a live call and/or want to review the material
  • Private online community of fellow participants for sharing and supporting each other

The next round is starting in April 2013. Sign up here to receive further information.