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To find your true work or your true love, your heart must be wide open, vulnerable and fearless. ~Sue Frederick

This was the closing sentence to the first chapter of the book, I See Your Soul Mate. When I read that line, I felt prickles throughout my body, as open heart, vulnerability and fearlessness were only the subject of 3 of my recent articles on this very blog! That’s how I knew I really needed to read this book, which I practically devoured in a single seating. A dear friend with very high consciousness mentioned this book to me several times before. However, I had brushed it off each time—until she literally came to my house with the book in toll to help me process late developments in my life.

iseeyourdreamjobBoy, talk about enlightenment! It wasn’t that the book literally painted the picture of my soul mate. Rather, it pinpointed what my soul came into this life to do, why I’ve been gifted the talents I have, and what challenges I’m meant to face because they serve as fuel for carrying out my soul’s purpose in this incarnation. The powerful guidance in this book is partly based on numerology, which I’ve heard of over the years, but never felt compelled to learn about—until this book. I’m now awaiting the arrival of another one of Frederick’s books, I See Your Dream Job, as I want to see what more she may have to say about my soul’s mission to be expressed professionally.

Before you think that I’ve completely gone off the deep end of “woo-woo-land,” give me a chance to relay why Frederick’s work is so powerful. I’d go as far as to say that, if you’ve ever wondered what purpose the pain and challenges you’ve faced in your life are meant to serve and what your soul’s mission for being here in this life is, you may want to pick up one or both of the aforementioned books by Frederick.

Soul Path

To give you an idea, I brought the soulmate book to my mastermind gathering over the weekend. We calculated each person’s birth number and read the corresponding description of the person’s soul path. The resonant power of the following concluding paragraph in one of the profiles induced tears; I later got an email from the person for whom this was read, saying that the profile really hit her core:

Your deep and overpowering insecurity is exactly what you need to push against to stand up and lead the way. You’re here to push us forward beyond our limitations and fear. Don’t disappoint us, please. We’ve been waiting for a long time.

For me personally, all the heartbreaks, physical trauma and debilitating challenges I’ve experienced in my life are all meant to be part of the big life chosen by my soul. There’s apparently a big job for me to do, if my human self is willing to step up to the challenge:

You have the highest frequency a soul can carry in this physical realm. … You chose this path to use your love, wisdom, talents, and clairvoyance to transform consciousness through your work. … It’s a big task, but you’re completely capable of success. … Your challenge is as great as your gifts.

Book - I See Your Soul MateAs you can see, in the soul path descriptions for my friend and myself, the words aren’t meant for the faint of heart—and not everyone is ready to hear them. Yet, for my friend and me, our soul profiles were so powerful that they evoked profound reaction as soon as we heard them. That’s because we recognized that they spelt out our soul agreement for being here in this life.

If you want another profound example, someone I care about deeply struggles with a crippling fear of intimacy, even though what scares him to death is exactly what he craves. So, as soon as he meets a woman who really is good for him, he can’t come up with excuses fast enough to keep her away. These excuses are always legitimate, e.g., work-related, as they allow him to continue to lie to himself and protect his heart from letting someone get too close. Intimacy is exactly what his soul came into this life to master:

Now you need relationships to help you do your great work in the world. … Yet opening up to relationships may feel like the scariest thing in the world. You won’t want to be alone either… Your early journey may be so painful that you choose to focus only on organizing the mundane details of life (those that you can control), and you ignore intimacy because it’s messy and unpredictable.

Soul Purpose

For as long as I can remember, I believe that our soul knows why we’ve taken on this human body suit, even if our flesh-and-blood self may not—probably too scared to want to know, as responsibility comes with knowing. I also concur with what Tony Robbins said, that our greatest pain is our greatest gift. None of us are meant to suffer for naught in any way, at any time in our human life. As much as our human self would like nothing more than to lick our wounds till eternity, there’s a higher purpose to be served by the pain we have had to endure. Our greatest torment is also meant to be the very thing our soul came into this life to master. In opening our heart to heal from the deep pain, we can, in turn, help others heal. Why settle for suffering in vain? Why not let our pain pay dividends for our growth and evolution—and, in turn, that of our family, community and sphere of influence in the world?

With all of the above said, please allow me to invite you to pay attention to your reaction to this article. Feeling a twinge? Prickles down your spine? A punch in your gut? A weight on your heart? Any and/or other reactions are clear signs that your soul finds resonance in what you just read. Do yourself a favor and listen to your soul. Perhaps Frederick’s books may be something to read. Incidentally, I’m not getting any kickbacks from recommending these resources. Just sharing them because of what they could do for you. Namaste.

Before you leave today, would you care to share your take on whether you believe that your soul has a purpose for being here in this life? How do you know if you’re living that?


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Dr. Alice Chan is passionate about developing conscious leaders and organizations. Her path to serve her life purpose has included being an award-winning Cornell professor and a leader in the corporate world for nearly 15 years. She’s the author of the book, REACH Your Dreams: Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life, and creator of the program, 30 Days to Living Your Best Life. All content on this blog and website is her own, not the opinions of her employer.

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Hiten Vyas
Hiten Vyas

Hi Alice,

My apologies for getting to this post a little later than usual. 

What an amazing post, my friend! Thank you so much for writing it. What you wrote is a wonderful message to all of us to embrace our deepest fears and insecurities, and as you explained, understand that it is these very things our souls are here to master. This is an amazing perspective and one I will be using and reminding myself of.

I know deep down that one thing my soul is definitely here to do is to master my fears, particularly with regards to communication. I started this journey in my early twenties and continue on the path.

Thank you.


I first read this yesterday, Alice, and the title immediately grabbed my attention because I stumbled across a course called 'The Soul Journey' over a decade ago when Gary was still alive.  It was very much an unplanned moment of synchronicity (I cringe even using the word now since it's nearly a cliche nowadays), but that is exactly what it was like. I was drawn to it and in many ways, it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life.  So I can understand your own experience with this book.  : ) 

What you wrote here sums it up for me with uncanny precision:

'For me personally, all the heartbreaks, physical trauma and debilitating challenges I’ve experienced in my life are all meant to be part of the big life chosen by my soul. There’s apparently a big job for me to do, if my human self is willing to step up to the challenge'

I also wholeheartedly believe this:

'Our greatest torment is also meant to be the very thing our soul came into this life to master. In opening our heart to heal from the deep pain, we can, in turn, help others heal.'

It may take us awhile to figure out how it will manifest in our lives, or it may go through various evolutions throughout our lives, yet our wounds can serve as the catalysts to equipping us with our greatest strengths that can be used in service for the greater good in some way.  

Happy belated birthday my friend!  xo


A very poignant post, Alice. Yes, our soul has a purpose. It is the clutter around us that can begin to suffocate it and hold it back. Material things take precedence at times and other things just get in the way. We need to always find ways to open up our soul and let our purpose shine through. Through books, thinking, and doing, we can make it happen. It begins with our choice to do so.....



As I read this I feel like it's time for me to get my hands on this book!  Will be heading to Amazon momentarily.  Reminds me of a book I had while in college and shared with many people - What Color is Your Aura.  Now that's really woo-woo but after you took the assessment, the descriptions hit home and called forth who we really are and to stop hiding from ourselves.  Our soul's purpose asks us to do the same - to stop hiding from ourselves, uncover our gifts and LIVE and LEAD our lives.  Thanks for sharing these books!  Excited!


Hi Alice! I always come right over when I see you've put out a post ;-)

This one did resonate with me. Particularly the paragraph near the end beginning, " None of us are meant to suffer for naught in any way, at any time in our human life. " I've been having a tough time lately (grief over the loss of my son). The timing is rich - the things which have helped [to distract] me in the past have pulled away leaving me facing my grief which was too great to face earlier.For sure this is my greatest torment. I don't want to know if something could be worse than this :-( But it's what my soul came to master?

The book sounds like it would be great in a book group. I will check it out although I am perfectly matched with my mate. The other aspects of it sound interesting. 

Thanks for putting out great content, as always Alice!


DrAliceChan moderator

@Hiten Vyas No apologies necessary, Hiten! Anytime you care to read my blog and share your insights is a privilege and an honor to me and my blog followers. I think all of us can relate to what you said about fears being something we come into this life to master. The nature of the fear may be different for each of us. Nonetheless, we're all here to some extent to feel the fear as human beings, and let what we're afraid of fuel us to fulfill our mission. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your journey with us here!

DrAliceChan moderator

@Samantha_S_Hall You said it so well, Samantha. It usually does take us sometime to heal from the pain before we can let it motivate us to step up to our soul mission. I'm a firm believer in synchronicity, so it doesn't matter one bit to me whether it's cliche or not. I'm glad that you found what you needed at just the right time. Thank you for adding your insights, my friend!

Oh, and you aren't late in your birthday wishes either. It's today. :-) Thank you very much!

DrAliceChan moderator

@ThinDifference You're so right about the clutter obscuring our soul purpose, Jon. When we face challenges, those are our choice points to step up and live our soul purpose, instead of continuing to let other things, including fear, steer us further astray. Thank you for adding your voice to this conversation!

DrAliceChan moderator

@AlliPolin Wow, What Color Is Your Aura, eh? I'm going to have to check it out. Us left-brain, corporate types have learned to trust our mind and intellect and question the "woo woo" stuff. Yet, in my spiritual study and practice over the past 5 years, I've learned that there's so much inner guidance available to us all the time that we block by leaning on our intellect. I'm so with you in terms of uncovering our gifts and living and leading! Thank you for your inspiring comment, Alli!

DrAliceChan moderator

@Lori Thank you for coming over to share your feedback, Lori! Always appreciated. Again, I can't begin to imagine the pain of losing your own child. But, there's something in that loss your soul and his agreed to "act out" in this life. You're the only one who'd ultimately know what it is, whether it's meant to open your heart to more compassion, or channel your pain into your work, etc. Again, only you'd know. Incidentally, Sue Frederick also wrote a book for people suffering from grief because they've lost loved ones. That may be of value to you? She apparently also books personal intuitive sessions, if that kind of a thing is of interest to you. Visit her website if you're interested in finding out more. Just click on her name in the opening quote above.

This book is partially a workbook, so if you decide to use it for a book club, it may be fun for the participants to share their experience working the different exercises. Also, the last part of the book contains a 7 steps for couples to deepen their love.

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