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Gratitude is Love

In the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving Day this Thursday. As a naturalized American, I’ve come to embrace Thanksgiving as one of the most meaningful traditions of my adopted home country. I’ll never forget my first Thanksgiving. I was a 16-year-old homesick Freshman at Maui Community College. My Economics professor invited a group of us—all international […]

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Ego Fears What’s New

Do you recall the last time you were the new kid on the block? It wasn’t easy to be new, was it? Perhaps you were anxious to be accepted and to feel you belong? Worried about not knowing what you believe you should know and appearing incompetent? Concerned about being hemmed into expectations that might […]

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Life Is For You

Have you ever asked “Why did that happen to me?” Until five years ago, I’d ask that question when bad things happened to me. It came from the mindset of a passive victim, and hence things happened to me. Can you relate? Let’s consider a different question, “In what ways did that happen for me?” […]

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Be Real, Not Positive

In the movie, “Princess Diaries,” there’s a scene where the main protagonist, Mia, sobs in her mother’s arms, after being humiliated in public. While holding and comforting Mia, her mother tells her it’s ok to cry because she has been hurt. That scene made an impression, because it doesn’t seem to be the norm. For […]

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