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I Wish For You

If you’ve been following my blog for some time or read my book, chances are there’s a different life calling you than the one you’re currently living. There’s an inner dream to be awakened and followed that promises to set your heart on fire and make you feel more alive and on purpose than you’ve […]

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Taking SMART Action (Part Two)

Last week, we talked about the first two components of setting SMART goals for your dreams, i.e., Specific and Measurable. (Click here for that article.) In this week’s article, we’ll look at the remaining three components: Actionable, Realistic and Time-trackable. Actionable An important ingredient for a good action plan is that your goals must lead […]

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Taking SMART Action (Part One)

Dreams are mesmerizing because of their magnetic pull. However, they are also rarely close to the reality of where we are at the present time. That is why so many of us feel the conflict of wanting something of which we are also afraid. If our dream is big, it can be tantamount to having […]

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Bless Ye, Distractions!

Whether we are aware, distractions are direct consequences of the choices we make in life. They match our level of self-awareness and what we are ready to do. They let us know that our goals may be too far of a stretch from our current circumstances and beliefs. As a result, we are more prone […]

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Who’s Talking? (Part Two)

Last week, in “Who’s Talking (Part One),” we started to discuss how to discern intuitive guidance from ego directives. In this article, we look at two more differentiating characteristics. Direct and Succinct Our inner wisdom gets right to the point. It does not qualify a message, unless we ask for further information. So, true inner […]

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