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Many Faces of Ego

Last week, I was at an event of great strategic importance to my company. At a personal level, it was critical that I delivered a stellar performance. Until the event was over and I was back in the office debriefing with a larger team under my boss, I didn’t fully realize how much pressure—much of […]

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No Need To Try So Hard

Last Tuesday, I went with a group of friends to see Dr. Robert Holden, who was in San Francisco. In the past, I’ve written about what I learned from his books, including Shift Happens, Be Happy and Loveability. His work has had profound impact on my life, with the following being a particularly significant life-changing […]

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No Justification Needed

A few months ago, I wrote about what vulnerability is and that to be vulnerable is to remember Love—which is our nature—and to choose it over fear—which is learned. Again, to quote Marianne Williamson from her book, A Return to Love: Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual […]

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Love is the Answer

Every act of unkindness is a cry for help, a cry for love. They don’t know what they’re doing. Love them without needing to condone their behavior. See the truth of who they are. Send them love. The above came as part of the guidance I received this past Sunday morning, when I did my […]

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Beware of Projections

Have you ever heard that what you find irritating about other people are often your own shadows you don’t want to own? When we harbor disapproval or non-acceptance of ourselves, we can’t truly be understanding and accepting of others. Furthermore, we often project our own self-disapproval—even self-hate—onto others. It’s not just in being convinced that […]

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Finding the Simple in the Complicated

This past weekend, I went on a personal retreat at the New Camaldoli Hermitage, a monastery south of Big Sur on the pacific coast of California. As the name “hermitage” suggests, it’s a place for retreating into silent prayer, meditation and contemplation. Aside from taking a walk together, there isn’t any common area for people […]

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Ego Fears What’s New

Do you recall the last time you were the new kid on the block? It wasn’t easy to be new, was it? Perhaps you were anxious to be accepted and to feel you belong? Worried about not knowing what you believe you should know and appearing incompetent? Concerned about being hemmed into expectations that might […]

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candle in stone


Have you heard of James Arthur Ray? He’s one of the experts featured on “The Secret,” the film (and later book) released several years back that brought the Law of Attraction into the popular mainstream—and generated love-hate debates about it. Ray is currently serving—and appealing—a two-year imprisonment for the negligent deaths of 3 participants in […]

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Who’s Driving: Ego or Higher Self?

Last Wednesday, I had the great honor of being profiled on Huffington Post in a joint post between two series on Twitter Powerhouses and Meaningful Leaders. It’s absolutely amazing to me, since the article profiled some truly established leaders, including the Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. We were selected because of our “record of leading by […]

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Truth vs. Lies

Releasing Unworthiness

A few weeks ago, I wrote about starting a new year with the birth of a personal mantra “Do it for Love.” Since then, to keep Love front and center in my consciousness as my purpose, I journal nearly every morning on the following question, “What does Love want me to know today?” It’s my […]

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