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We are all connected. Everything’s tied together. So the next time you feel disconnected, look up, because you are the Universe expressing itself. It’s impossible to be separate from it. … Christmas brings us into a connective heartbeat. If you sit still, you can feel it all around. The above is excerpted from the movie, […]

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Gratitude is Love

In the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving Day this Thursday. As a naturalized American, I’ve come to embrace Thanksgiving as one of the most meaningful traditions of my adopted home country. I’ll never forget my first Thanksgiving. I was a 16-year-old homesick Freshman at Maui Community College. My Economics professor invited a group of us—all international […]

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Magic of Gratitude

I like to start my day with meditation, followed by journaling and contemplations from a spiritual book. This morning routine keeps me connected to my inner wisdom and grounded in high consciousness. It reminds me that my attitude creates the experience. That is, if I expect my day to go well, I will notice all […]

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