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Yin and Yang

Living The Whole You

You’ve probably heard of masculine vs. feminine energy. In case you haven’t, it has to do with the two halves we all have, regardless of our gender. They offer us complementary capacities to create and live an optimal, successful life, however we choose to define “optimum” and “success.” Our logical, action-oriented masculine side, sizes up […]

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Who’s Talking? (Part Two)

Last week, in “Who’s Talking (Part One),” we started to discuss how to discern intuitive guidance from ego directives. In this article, we look at two more differentiating characteristics. Direct and Succinct Our inner wisdom gets right to the point. It does not qualify a message, unless we ask for further information. So, true inner […]

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Who’s Talking? (Part One)

We are all born with a powerful, fully-functioning internal guidance system that points us to live an authentic life based on love, doing what is for our highest good. This system has many names, such as “intuition,” “inner wisdom,” and “higher self.” Meanwhile, each of us also has a fear-based part called ego, whose sole […]

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Listen to Steve Jobs

We’re saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs on Wednesday. Whether or not you liked his leadership style or how he got things done, you’ll agree that he’ll go down history as a phenomenal innovator. Yet, from what I can tell, what has gone viral on social media since his passing wasn’t how to build […]

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