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Vulnerability and Shame

Last summer, a friend of mine recommended Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brene Brown. The post-it note on which she wrote the title sat on my coffee table for months before I ordered the book. It then took some more time before […]

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New Year’s Intentions

Here comes the sunset of one year and the dawning of another. What’s your practice for releasing the old and embracing the new? I don’t set new year’s resolutions, as they don’t work. Instead, I like to review the past year and vision for the new year. In a nutshell, 2013 is ending in a […]

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Big Sur

The Wisdom of Simplicity

At the beginning on July, I wrote about my commitment to being grounded in my spiritual practice as I reentered the corporate world. Although I’ve been burning the candle on both ends of late, I’ve managed to start every day with meditation and journaling, even if somewhat abbreviated than before when I had more free […]

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How May I Serve?

Everyone is doing their best here. Help them succeed, and you’ll succeed, too. Take care of others, and they’d want to take care of you. The above was part of the guidance I received when I meditated on Sunday morning. Following a powerful 4-question visioning process (I’ve written about before), I quieted my mind, and […]

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On Being Fearless

“Courage?!” That was the instantaneous response a senior executive gave me recently, when I asked her how she makes difficult decisions—before she launched into a series of logical decision-making steps that consider the marketplace, the competition, strategic priorities, available resources, etc. To me, her first gut response stood head and shoulders above everything else she […]

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Who’s Driving: Ego or Higher Self?

Last Wednesday, I had the great honor of being profiled on Huffington Post in a joint post between two series on Twitter Powerhouses and Meaningful Leaders. It’s absolutely amazing to me, since the article profiled some truly established leaders, including the Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. We were selected because of our “record of leading by […]

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Offering and Receiving Help

What Makes You Come Alive?

This week, I’m offering you a choice between reading my post or watching a video. The words are not identical between the two, but the message is the same. If you choose to watch the video, please leave me a comment below for whether you’d like to see more videos in the future. Thank you […]

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