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Misunderstanding Spirituality

Do you consider yourself spiritual? What does being spiritual mean to you, and how does that affect how you live? Unless you’re new here (if you are, welcome!), you know that spirituality is very important to me, and I try to bring a high level of consciousness to how I live. Recently, I got on […]

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Giving It Up

At face value, “giving it up” sounds a lot like defeat, doesn’t it? However, if “it” is our resistance to the flow of life, “giving it up” is anything but defeat. Rather, we’re surrendering our feeble attempts at controlling life to satisfy our ego, and allowing the cooperative forces of the universe to support us […]

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Life Is For You

Have you ever asked “Why did that happen to me?” Until five years ago, I’d ask that question when bad things happened to me. It came from the mindset of a passive victim, and hence things happened to me. Can you relate? Let’s consider a different question, “In what ways did that happen for me?” […]

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Farewell, Independence!

Do you find yourself saying “no” to offers of help from others, because you can handle it all on your own no matter what? Do you feel that you can’t ever ask for support even when you could really use some, because you don’t want to be a burden to others or appear weak or […]

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