Sample praise for coaching program:

“30 Days To Living Your Best Life IS the program! It was VERY WELL put together. Very organized and I was 100% happy with it! Alice gives very specific suggestions just for you in each of the weekly calls. As you work the program, you will find out so much about yourself and she also gives you tools to make your Best Life come true!  She breaks things down to bite size pieces that are achievable, even for people like me who do not have a lot of spare time.  She has given me very helpful things to do that take no more than 1 or 2 minutes. Anyone can spare that much time. Loved the class and happy to work the program!” Renee F.

“I really loved doing this program! This is the first time in my life that I have become aware of limiting beliefs buried in my subconscious mind and how they have been making me unhappy. I grew up in a family where negative feelings were not accepted and through this program I learned to accept all my feelings. I also learned to actually think about what I want in my life and have an actual picture of my best life.The thing that I like most about this program is it helped me discover beliefs about myself and there are some great exercises and meditations that helped me with this process. This program is for anyone who has any kind of physical or emotional pain.  It is also for anyone who wants to explore life and create a great life.” — Aria K.

“30 Days to Living Your Best Life enabled me to know & own myself at a much deeper level. When doing the release work, it was kind of shocking to realize how deep that hole was, how much there was. Many blocks have been identified & removed. I’ve gained a lot of clarity about who I am, how I operate in life, and that I’m actually a pretty amazing person. It’s like finding a brand new path of knowing and owning myself. I now have more of my natural energy & power available to progress with my life. I recommend the program to anyone willing to work on themselves for better results in their lives. Thanks again, the course was great!” — Linda M.

Sample praise for talks and workshops:

“Dr. Alice Chan is an inspiring speaker, coach, and author of a must read book for every woman, REACH Your Dreams: Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life. The guided visualizations and exercises helped me uncover and release forgotten agreements I made with myself. These agreements do not align with the journey I am on today. It was a morning of discovery! Thank you Alice!!–Phyllis G.

“I enjoyed Alice Chan’s talk today on increasing my awareness to my inner critic. I can feel her passion in sharing how to live life to its fullest. We are so lucky to have her. Thanks so much Alice.” C. J.

“Alice Chan was wonderful. She truly knows her subject matter as she organized what she wanted to get across in a clear and succinct manner. Her points were very helpful.” Doris F.

“I have learned so much about looking at things from a different perspective. Your presentation was right on, the message was presented in a very clear and understandable language. You were outstanding!” –Vilma P.

“Smooth, positive and uplifting! [The concepts] were concise and relevant…a simple way to put into action, not so complicated that I’m going to forget them.” –Lisa H.

Sample praise for book:

“Alice Chan offers us a compelling and acutely honest guide to creating an inspired and passionate life. In a voice both strong and gentle, she helps us explore the fine and fearsome art of getting out of our own way, tapping the vast fields of our own potential, and then, just as importantly, celebrating the life we create.” –Gregg Levoy, Author of Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life

“The beauty of this book lies in its simplicity. The book is very easy to read and resonates profoundly. In addition, one cannot help but be inspired by her real-life experiences and insights about conquering seemingly insurmountable odds. However, the most valuable parts of this book are her numerous contemplation exercises to practice REACH. Each contemplation exercise is a goldmine, through which Dr. Chan nudged me to examine my deepest fears, doubts, beliefs, and desires, and helped me to come up with my own answer to my life’s challenges (which are uniquely my own). This book provides me with a renewed sense of faith.” Arun V.

“Imagine sitting with a trusted friend and confidant sharing your innermost dreams and fears. You know that this individual will treat your words free of judgment or condemnation. This is what reading REACH Your Dreams conveys to the reader. Dr. Alice Chan’s book provides an easily understandable explanation of each of the five principles, as well as practical suggestions for applying each of the five letters of the acronym. After reading her book, I can guarantee that your belief system will undergo a dynamic change.” David P.

“That REACH is a labor of love is clear throughout. Alice Chan’s enthusiasm for REACH leaps from the page. She does an excellent job of expressing why REACH is important, one might even say, a requirement in some form or fashion for each of us. However, its true value is the manner in which Alice skillfully guides you to REACH, generously sharing her experiences to inspire you to use REACH to go for more joy and passion in your life.” Teresa M.

“Alice Chan’s book is FABULOUS. I’ve read many self-help, consciousness raising books and thought there couldn’t be much more to say. She managed to fill in quite a few gaps and self-help exercises to boot!!! I HIGHLY recommend it!” Rowena

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