Your Highest Vision for 2013

Happy New Year! Last week, I wrote about why new year’s resolutions fail, and suggested setting an intention for 2013 instead to do our best to be our best selves and live our best lives. I also promised to share more about how to call in the highest vision for us and our lives. That’s what this post is about.

2013I’m going to introduce a simple but very powerful visioning process that I use regularly myself, in addition to being a staple in my workshops and programs. It’s one of two processes that I use for my increasingly sacred new year’s eve routine, when I vision and set intentions for the new year. On New Year’s Eve 2010, it was this visioning process that told me in no uncertain terms to write my book in 2011: Finish REACH book. Just do it. You have a message to share. Don’t delay.

Calling in the Highest Vision for 2013

It’s an adapted 4-question visioning process originally created by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center. The 4 questions are posed to the higher power of our understanding (e.g., God, Source, Universe, our inner wisdom, etc.):

  1. What is your highest vision for me in 2013?
  2. What do I need to release or let go of for this vision to be realized?
  3. What do I need to embrace or become for this vision to be realized?
  4. What else do I need to know?

A Return To LoveWhen I did this process yesterday, what I got was so powerful and so profound that I was shaken and in tears—in a good way—for about an hour, until I called a trusted friend and colleague to process what I received from the visioning exercise. What I was told that scared me to tears was essentially what Marianne Williamson wrote in A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. … And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Here is part of what I was told to embrace in 2013 (Question #3):

You have so much power to do good that you hide from. Stop that, and fully embrace who you are in order to serve. It’s your cosmic responsibility.Don’t be scared off by your power. It’s given to you so that you can serve in a big way. Do it. The time is now.

What really moved me to tears was when I asked the last question in the process. Here’s part of the response:

Others will respond to you when you go fearlessly forward. They’re looking for, hungry for your leadership. They need you to be fearless, so that they can be encouraged to live fearlessly themselves. You were born to lead in this life. The struggles you’ve experienced are meant to equip you to show others that you are not the product of your circumstances. The time is now for you to go out and serve, and to bring hope, courage, light and love to humankind. Go do it. Don’t play small. Be a leader.

With the above profound insights—and what I got from my second visioning exercise—my intention to do my best in 2013 to be my best self and live my best life includes saying “Yes” to being the leader I’m asked to become, to be more of a channel for Universal Love in how I show up and what I do in 2013.


Want to give this visioning process a try and see what you’re guided to be and do in 2013?

The Visioning Process

You begin the process by closing your eyes and grounding yourself in the present, taking several deep, belly breaths. When you’re ready, pose the first question in the sequence. As you receive insights, feel free to open your eyes and jot down notes. Just close your eyes and ground yourself again as needed when you’re ready to ask subsequent questions.

Insights/answers to the questions may come to you in the form of words, images, feelings, or just a sense of knowing. You may get insights in any of these forms, or you may consistently get only one form. For me, I mostly see words or “hear” soundless messages. Sometimes, I get images as well, and occasionally I would also feel vivid sensations while being part of a visual “movie” shown to me. So, when you engage in visioning, be prepared to take note of the insights by writing or drawing. You may not have words for what comes to you. That’s perfectly valid. Trust the message that comes in whatever form.

The first question will provide insights on what the highest vision in 2013 for you looks like. The subsequent three questions are intended to provide you with guidance on what to do to realize the vision just revealed to you.

journalWith the second question, “What do I need to release or let go of for this vision to be realized,” it will reveal what no longer serves you, the roadblocks to be cleared on your path. These blocks could be fears, latent anger about something or someone, needs for forgiveness, judgment of self and others, etc.

With the third question, “What do I need to embrace or become for this vision to be realized,” you will receive insights on what you may need to do and/or how you may need to grow, perhaps by learning something new, or taking action in some other way that propels you forward.

With the final “what else” question, you ask for any additional insights. As you read above, I got a very powerful message from this question yesterday. When I did this process for the first time years ago to ask about the highest vision for my life, the first response I got to the last question was: Have fun! It was very unexpected, after all the serious insights revealed to me earlier in the meditation. The surprise of this message made it more real and believable to me, as I knew my rational mind didn’t come up with it.

Once you have insights regarding the highest vision for you in 2013, you’re better informed on what you may need to do, what to let go of to make it a reality. When you’ve done your visioning, would love for you to come back and share your experience in the comment box below. We really do learn from and inspire each other.

successMay 2013 bring you True Prosperity, per Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, which includes great relationships, perfect health/great body, a job you love and all the money you care to spend!

P.S. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to go through the above visioning process–and more to become the best you in 2013–with a small group of like-minded others, come join us for a powerful Be the Best YOU in 2013 day on January 13! Otherwise, stay tuned for my “30 Days To Living Your Best Life” program that you can take from anywhere.


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HI Alice! Happy New Year to you, too! I waited to do this 4 step meditation until I went away (I am in Florida), so I would have the space to really decompress and be clear to get the most out of it. It was really great. I think the part that was most wonderful for me was hearing that I am enough and very loved. Hearing that all the work I have done this past year since leaving my career/job, was worth it, because now I get to reap all the benefits. For the first time in a long time I feel clear, grounded, happy, relaxed, excited, and have real enthusiasm for this year. It is good so far and only will gather momentum to get better and better in manifesting my truest desires I have been holding for a very long time. For the first time, I have very strong positive expectations. I almost couldn't write as fast as the messages were coming! The wild part was that at the end of the message from the first question (What is your highest vision for me in 2013?), the ceiling fan suddenly accelerated, started shaking, and making all kinds of weird noises. I am very sure that that was a strong confirmation that something big just came through and that the energy in the room and within me changed dramatically. I loved it! Thank you!

Alice Chan, Ph.D.
Alice Chan, Ph.D.

Wow, thanks for taking the time share in such great depth, Carol! And, I'm thrilled that you got so much from this process. I had heard privately from folks who didn't want to share publicly that this process was profound for them as well. A similar thing happened when I led this process in a live workshop this past Sunday. Anyway, enjoy the dramatic change you experienced, and let that energy carry you through this year!


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